How to Make a Work-Friendly Playlist

Are you thinking about making a work-friendly playlist? If you enjoy listening to music at work, you're not alone. Music can set the stage for competition and bring out your inner warrior. Good jams also improve confidence and performance, and can certainly make a tedious day go by faster.

If you're playing music through community speakers, consider your coworkers as you curate your tunes. When you're in control of the playlist for the day, take your responsibility seriously and put some art and feeling into your musical montage. Here are six tips to help you become a pro workplace DJ.

  • All selections should demonstrate respect for your coworkers

This doesn't mean most of your playlist, it means the entire list. Don't load your mix with crowd pleasers interspersed with occasional German death metal. Genuine respect is continuous. If you add even a few songs to your work-friendly playlist that will make your coworkers feel distracted or upset, don't expect Billy Joel to help you win back your radio control privileges.

  • Skip the lyrics if your work requires focus

If you're working with people who need to focus intently in order to get the job done, try to choose songs without lyrics. For instrumental rock, play some Rodrigo y Gabriela. Is concert piano your work vibe? Try Lang Lang. A jazz musician — such as, Miles Davis — can energize and please colleagues of all ages. If your workplace favors country, give The O'Neill Brothers Group a listen. For pop covers, look no further than Vitamin String Quartet. And, why not, even some whale songs might go over well.

  • Feel the room

Whether you  work at an auto factory, quiet bookstore, gym, restaurant, office, and everything in between, the mood of your surroundings should influence your musical playlist. Take the situation into account, and again, try to listen to your choices from your coworker's perspective. If you know that a certain song might alienate your audience, take it out. You can always listen to it on your own.   

  • Stay open to suggestions

You can't imagine how anyone could possibly be put off by your favorite band, or how anyone could love a band you hate. But if they do, and they say so, listen. You don't have knuckle under to every request, but keep an open mind. Remember, getting along with your coworkers should be more important than three minutes of personal auditory bliss.

  • Watch the volume

For you work-friendly playlist, the best volume is lower than "concert" and just above "vague background sound." Keep the volume low enough to allow quiet conversation. Don't force speakers to raise their voices in order to be heard. And if even one person wants a turn-down, turn it down.

  • Keep an eye on the goal

As the workplace DJ, keep an eye on the definition of success: a room full of busy, happy people with heads bobbing quietly. Focused coworkers who can converse, get things done, and maybe dance a little as they move through the daily rounds. That's all. Some DJs are there to get the party started, but you're there to get the work started. If all goes well, your coworkers will thank you and trust you to handle this job in the future.

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