3 Reasons Not to Go to College

There are two sides to every story, and multiple sides to every professional decision. And sometimes, despite the promises made by articles, blogs, and university marketing teams, a college degree just isn't a wise investment. Here are three reasons why it may be better to sidestep college and enter the job market immediately.

1. You can go later.

The year after you graduate from high school, it may feel odd and isolating to skip college while all of your friends are waving goodbye and moving into the dorms. But sometimes—as your parents may have mentioned—just because you're friends are doing something doesn't mean that thing is the right choice for you.

If you aren't sure, let the decision go for a while. Give yourself a year. Or two. Or even 10. During that time, you'll learn more about who you really are and what you really want out of life (and work). You'll also determine what you really want to learn about and how much these lessons are worth to you. People generally get more out of college when they're old enough to view their classes as a golden opportunity instead of a chore.

2. You'll start earning right away, instead of digging yourself into debt.

If you can learn a vocation or complete an apprenticeship within a few months or a year, you can start earning a salary as soon as you complete your program, and you can start building your nest egg immediately instead of setting yourself back financially for the next four years. And fortunately, these two extremes aren't your only choices; if you don't want to run up a huge four-year tab, but you also don't want to settle for a low-skill or low-salary job that comes from just two weeks of training, pursue an Associate's degree, study for two years, and then hit the marketplace.

3. The "college" you've chosen isn't legitimate, and it won't help you launch your career.

If you're about to lay down a large sum of money or take out a loan to attend an unaccredited or online institution, stop. Think twice. Instead of following this course of action, save your money and gather life experience until you can attend a legitimate school. Too many online and unaccredited programs are just corrupt grabs for federal loan money, and even if you do manage to complete these programs, your diploma won't command any respect on the job market. The worst part: even after all your lost time and headaches, you'll still have to pay off your debts.

A Diploma Can Support Your Career—But So Can a Great Resume

Whether you decide to go to college now, go later, or not go at all, sooner or later you'll need to face the job market. And as strange as it sounds, a great resume can sometimes take you much further than a diploma—for a much lower cost. Visit MyPerfectResume today and while you're thinking about college and its role in your life, start finding a place for yourself in the working world.

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