6 Things Employers Love about Millennial Workers

Millennial employees between the ages of 20 and 35 are sometimes maligned by popular stereotypes, but this reaction to young workers is by no means universal. In fact, most employers enjoy working with millennial teams and are eager to hire employees in this age group for high-responsibility positions. Here are a few reasons why. But watch out: some of these reasons are built around the employer's best interests, not those of the employee.

1. They're eager to please. According to popular assumptions, younger workers don't yet have the worldly wisdom that allows them to say no, negotiate, respond selectively to coaching and criticism, or walk out the door in pursuit of other options. If you tell them to jump, they jump. If you tell them their skills are strong, or weak, or anywhere in between, they don't yet have enough data and experience to disagree.

2. They're nice. Millennials are often passionate about their work, they hold themselves to high standards (sometimes too high), and they see the best in their industries, their coworkers, and their own futures. Older workers are sometimes cranky, burned out, and reluctant to accept (or change) the status quo. But younger workers tend to bring cheerful attitudes to the office and have a positive, infectious impact on general motivation.

3. They're funny. A little light heartedness and a sense of humor can go a long way in any workplace, and kids will be kids. (Even they're in their 30s and already have kids of their own).

4. They think big. If you give them room to soar, they will. They don't yet know what CAN'T be done, so if they're permitted to take risks and suggest bad or half-formed ideas, the results can be brilliant…and highly profitable. Astonishing innovations sometimes start with a group of young people around a table, a few pizzas, and no limits.

5. They're cheap. Younger workers often accept challenging positions at far lower rates than their older counterparts. Some of these positions involve long hours and unsafe conditions, but millennials are eager to launch their careers, and they often place a higher emphasis on the future than the present. They also have a lower perceived market value. Accurate or not, this argument keeps average millennial salaries low.

6. They're sometimes incredibly loyal. It can be hard for younger people to separate their professional and personal passions. They have yet to learn that a job is a job. Their coworkers often feel like family and friends, and are accordingly granted the respect and commitment that will be reserved for true family and friends later in life. Wise employers appreciate this and capitalize on it.

Millennials Are The Key to Success

Millennial workers are often the driving engine that lifts start-up companies off the ground and keeps successful, global enterprises at the top. If you're a job seeker in this category, ignore the negative hype and recognize that employers are looking for you and will go to great lengths to bring you on board. Visit MyPerfectResume and create an application that will get their attention and launch this profitable partnership.

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