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International Job Resources:
The Caribbean and
Central and South America


I found most of these on the website of the Career & Employment Services for Northern Caribbean University. There are a few things specific to Jamaica, but most are regional.
…very nice website with numerous good listings for this region. You can do a lot of searching and viewing without registering, and many of the jobs take you to the employer websites to submit your application. However, you may find a need to register to use some of their free services and you could post your resume for free, but this is up to you. See the national flags in the upper right corner of the front page? Those take you to targeted websites for each country, but this is the central source.
…good looking site with jobs crossing the many islands of this region. You do not need to register to view the listings, but for some you will need to fill in the registration and store a resume here. You do have the option of not making your resume searchable.
Caribbean Resourcing Solutions
…a Recruitment Agency in Trinidad & Tobago specializing in finding jobs for Computer Professionals. They ask contract professionals to register with them also as they get several short term vacancies that fill quickly. Please note that unless stated otherwise all job listings in Trinidad are for nationals only.
The Jamaica Gleaner
…news website, part of a family of site operated by The Gleaner company.
The Jamaica Observer
News for this country, along with Careers & Education reports and jobs. Some links at the top are not functioning properly, but the same links at the bottom of the page are good.
…one piece of a what they hope will be a network of sites covering many Caribbean island nations. At the time of review, Jamaica is the only site with real content. You can search and review jobs without registering, but you will need to create a free account in order to apply for openings posted here. Some good career articles.

We also have resources for the Virgin Islands (U.S. and British) and Puerto Rico.

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Central America and South America

Bolsa de Trabajo
…employment opportunities and resumes for Spanish-speaking professionals. Select a category to view job openings and brief resumes or search by keyword. Job announcements and resumes are all dated. Offerings are not limited to countries where Spanish is the primary language.
…a job search site for Central and South America. I've linked you to their site for Mexico, but at the bottom of the page you will find links for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and their "international" site. Registration is not required to search and view the listings, but it is required for you to submit your resume for consideration. The sites are in the native languages of the countries served (Spanish and Portuguese).
Grafton Recruitment Chile
…part of the Grafton Group based in Belfast, this branch recruits to fill positions in this country. The website is in Spanish. You are welcome to create a free account and upload your CV but you can also search the job announcements without registering.
United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce
…contact information for Mexican Chambers of Commerce, a calendar of events, and other links of interest to those doing business or looking for work in Mexico.

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