6 Jobs for Math Majors You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Math majors already know that their academic course is great for a career in finance, statistics, accounting, and academia. But what if you don't want to do any of those things? You don't need to change your major to find a job you actually want. In fact, there are many jobs for math majors out there that — at first glance — don't seem to involve much math. Check out these six surprising jobs for folks with math degrees, and get ready to wow employers with your number skills!

Healthcare Professional (Doctor, Veterinarian, Dentist)

There's no way that there are jobs for math majors in the healthcare industry, you must be thinking. Think again! Have you always been interested in healthcare, but didn't want to major in biological sciences? If so, consider redirecting your education into a healthcare field. Get this, some medical schools — such as SUNY Oswego — actually accept more math majors than all other majors! Apply to medical, dental, or veterinary school and pivot into the life sciences. You may need to take a few more classes, but you're a lot closer than you think.


If you consider yourself a "foodie" and would love to run a small business, your math degree could help you reach success in the restaurant industry. Restaurants represent some of the most popular — and difficult — small businesses taken on by first timers. The primary reason most new restaurants fail is that  their owners often lack the mathematics and financial skill to keep a fast-paced, high volume business on its feet. Your experience will help you manage the books, price the meals effectively, source the ingredients intelligently, make good deals with other local companies, and strategize good salaries for your employees.   


Math majors score higher on the LSAT than all other majors, according to Duke University. Studying math helps you strengthen your analytic and problem solving skills. Both of these are extremely valuable in the legal industry. But perhaps the most important skills of all is the easiest for you Showing your work. (Seriously!) Lawyers need to show how they arrived at a conclusion, much like showing your work for a geometric proof.

Event planner

Event planners don't have an easy job (far from it). They rely on their organizational abilities, networking skills, innovation, and hospitality training to get things done. Budgeting is actually a huge part of event planning, so you'll naturally excel in this area. If you have experience in the hospitality industry,you have an advantage. Jobs for math majors in the event planning industry are available, but be warned: This can be an unusually stressful job.

Sales pro

Your position in sales may not involve high level theoretical math on a daily basis, but there's one thing it definitely involves: money. Sales commissions and bonuses can be very high, depending on your market and industry. Again, a math degree presents no obstacle to entry. If you have social skills, energy, and drive, your math degree will show employers that you can crunch numbers more quickly than most. And in sales, efficiency is vital.


Do you have an idea in mind for a product or service that fits into an unexplored corner of the marketplace? No matter what you set out to do, your math degree can help you with every step of the process, from product design and development to market research. You'll also have an advantage when it comes to budgeting and maximizing your profit-cost ratio. Also, your problem solving skills will help you move past setbacks quickly. Best of all, your math degree will impress and reassure your potential investors and loan officers. Perhaps your venture will strive to create more jobs for math majors!

No matter what you're studying (or what you've studied in the past), find out how far your degree can take you and chart a course that can help you get there. Turn to MyPerfectResume for help and support.  

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