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Summer: A Perfect Season to Kickstart Your Career

The summer is in full swing, and this is a great season to look around and make sure that you're drinking
in the best that life has to offer. Are you working hard and also finding time to play? Are you making the
most of your youth or your productive mid-career years? Are you reaching your goals and becoming the
person you want to be, both personally and professionally? Are you driving your career…or is it driving

If you feel strong, productive, happy and in control of your destiny, the summer should be a time to
celebrate, revitalize, and recharge. But if you aren't living your best life right now, this season is the
perfect time to make some changes. Take life by the horns, and if your job just isn't working for you,
don't wait another year or face another cold winter trudging back and forth to the same dismal office.
Draft your resume now and start your new position by the time the leaves begin to change. Here are a
few things to keep in mind.

Your feeling of optimism isn't a coincidence.

The summer is an energetic and optimistic season…not just for you, but for almost everyone, including
hiring managers and company decision makers. During the warmer months, businesses tend to launch,
grow, and expand at an accelerated pace. People move into new homes, they buy things, they engage
with new services, and industries like retail and hospitality (and even healthcare, as it happens) buzz to
life. Take advantage of the opportunities that are part of this activity.

Job transitions are easier now than they will be later.

When you need to let go of one workplace and start looking for another, it's best to do so when the
weather is warm and the general mood is positive. If you leave during this time, your former employers
will remember the relationship in a more positive light. Your new employers will also have more of the
energy and generosity that can help you launch your new job in a positive direction.

Cash in your vacation days.

Now is also an excellent time to make use of the vacation and PTO days you've been building up. If you
have to leave before you've fully secured your new job, these paid days can help you bridge the gap.
Meanwhile, life in general is less expensive during the summer time.

Capitalize on your momentum.

If you really don't like your current job, now is the time to set your goal, make your plan, and follow
through. It's the perfect time to leave this place behind and move on. It won't do spend your sunny days
and weeks trapped in a workplace where you aren't receiving the career support, respect, or
compensation you deserve. Gather your courage and your sense of enterprise and start putting together
your resume today.

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