4 Signs that You’ve Aced the Interview

4 Signs that You've Aced the Interview

You've been chatting with your interviewer (or interviewers) for several minutes, and so far, it's difficult to tell if you're making a connection. Sometimes your employer smiles politely, but you can't tell if she's expressing interest or just good manners. Every now and then she'll take notes as you speak, but you can't tell if the notes are positive or negative…or if they have anything at all to do with you. You hope you're making the right impression, but you might be failing altogether. What now?

Here are a few subtle signs that your interview is going well and you're in track to landing this job. Keep an eye out for these, and if you see them, go ahead and ride the wave of confidence that might take place. If you see none of these signs at all, show some confidence anyway. After all, you've gotten this far, and that's no small feat.

1. The interviewer is doing most of the talking.

When the meeting started, she asked you a series of questions about your background and credentials, but somewhere along the way, the balance shifted to her side of the conversation. Now she's talking much more than you are. She's telling you about the company, the position, the benefits and perks of the job, the architectural beauty of the building, and the restaurants and cultural attractions in this part of town. Chances are, she's envisioning you in this role and she's preparing you for a future relationship that she can already see.

2. She's wrapping up loose ends.

If the manager is asking you questions about the accommodations you'll need in order to accept the position, that's a good sign. For example, if you need a handicap accommodation or a public transportation discount, she may already be reassuring you that the company can easily set these things up. If you hear terms like, "Yes, we can do that…I'll just make a few calls," that's a great sign.

3. He's already launching into a working friendship with you.

If the two of you have found a common chord or a shared interest, that's positive. But it's especially positive if he implies that you'll discuss the subject further sometime in the future and he looks forward to this time. As in: "Oh, you like skiing? That's fantastic! We have a lot of skiers in this office…I just got back from Vail last week. I'll have to show you the pictures sometime."  Again, this is a sign that he already envisions you working here, and in his mind's eye, he sees you fitting in and thriving.

4. He tells you directly that you're doing well.

Some managers hold their cards close to the vest during interviews…but others will tell you exactly how you're doing. Feel free to take him at his word if he says something like, "We have five total candidates for this role, and so far, you're at the top of the list. We'll be interviewing the final applicant tomorrow." Most of the time, managers have no reason to say this if it isn't at least partly true.

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