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Don’t Rob Them! And Other Hilarious Job Interview Don’ts

In late June, a job applicant entered a Chuck E. Cheese in Lexington, Kentucky for a job interview. He then announced plans to rob the place. The interviewer explained that he didn't have access to the safe where the money is stored. After this announcement, the robber was asked to leave. He did, and the discussion of a second round interview was mysteriously avoided.

It wasn't the best way to launch into a positive working relationship, but we have to assume this particular applicant wasn't interested in climbing his way up the Chuck E. Cheese ladder. In this case, we won't venture to guess what his goals were.

But we will offer you this advice: If you want to be hired, don't rob the business. More importantly, understand this: No matter how horribly you flubbed your interview, other candidates have done much worse. According to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, applicants make epic mistakes every day. Read on and to laugh more easily at your own tiny blunders.

Don't go to the bathroom during a phone interview 

When you're on the phone with your interviewer, don't walk into the bathroom. Just don't do it.  If you find yourself walking in anyway, realize that your listeners can hear the flushing sound. This happens more often that you might think. Some candidates assume their interviewers can't hear ambient noises over the phone and draw conclusions about what's happening in the room. These candidates are wrong.

After the handshake, don't touch your interviewer

Outside of the two handshakes that bookend your job interview — one at hello and one at goodbye — your interviewer's physical person is off limits. This should go without saying, but tell that to a candidate mentioned in the CareerBuilder study. She wanted to read her interviewer's palm and refused to take no for an answer. (Did the palm tell her that she wouldn't get hired?)

Don't conduct personal grooming 

Personal grooming and interviews go together naturally, but not at the same time. Primp, clip, style, and moisturize BEFORE your session begins. Don't imitate this candidate in the survey: she brought lotion to the interview and applied it to her feet while her interviewer spoke. Even if you're interviewing at a spa, just say no to massaging your toe.

Don't scream for your job interview to end

A job interview is stressful, for sure. But if you reach your limit before your session officially ends, don't start screaming. According to the survey, one candidate actually stood up and started screaming that the interview was taking too long. Have we ever felt tempted to do that? Oh yes. Have we done it? Never. This will leave your interviewer with a strong impression, but certainly not the right one.

Job interviews bring out the best — and the worst — in candidates and interviewers alike. No matter what kind of strange behavior you encounter during your session, remember: stranger things are happening every day in workplaces all around you. You can only control your own side of the table, so stay friendly, flexible, and professional, and be ready to laugh off your small mistakes. Visit Livecareer for more interview tips that can help you land the job you're looking for.

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