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How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Things do not end up with the interview and your sitting by the phone crossing your fingers. As soon as the interview process is over a new process begins: The Follow-Up.

A lot of people think that when the interview is over the only thing that they can do is waiting for the call, they cannot be more wrong, because as said before is important to know how to follow-up, the next step that every applicant for a job should do.

After the finalization of the interview process, it is important that you ask for the card of your interviewer, in the card you are going to find information like: the correct spelling and complete name of your interviewer, his address and the email. Remember that you have to ask for it politely.

Then you can send a thank-you note to everyone who helped you get to the interview as well as to all the people you met the day of the interview. Remember that the most important note must be forward to the interviewer and that certain information and keywords must be contained in the note.

After thanking him, mention your genuine interest in working with them, and mention once again how your many different skills would perfectly fill the position. You can also ask if it is possible to call during the week in order to know how the candidate search is going.

It is also advisable that you call the fifth day after the finish of the interview to the company that you were applying, so you can get information about your interview and tell the interviewer that you are still interested in the job position. You can also ask the interviewer if he need any additional information. If you do not get any response from the telephone you can leave a short message expressing your interest in the job position.

Other thing that you can do to get additional information is sending a snail mail letter (reverse cover letter) where you describe your strong points and skills for the job.

You have to take on your mind that if you send those kinds of reminding more than one per week can be pretty annoying, so it is recommended that you politely alternate one of the remaining per week (phone, email and snail mail). This way you are going to have always contact with your interviewer and the information will not arrive late whether you are hired or not.

Many people believe that doing the follow-up of a job is a way of annoying the interviewer, but they do not know that the companies await 2 or 3 weeks generally to chose among candidates because they want to know who is really interested in the job and they are waiting for a person who calls. That is why it is important to know how to follow-up, since not all the candidates will perform this task and the one who performs it will have certainly more chances of getting the job than others who does not.


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