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Here’s how you can prepare for an MBA interview

10 Dec, 2012

An MBA interview will focus on you, and to determine whether you are who you say you are, this kind of interviews differ from any other job interview because usually are lead by a committee (admission committee) from the business school you're going to be admitted.

If you prepare for an MBA interview it'll give you some advantage from the other applicants, it also will help you to determine your capacity to handle this important event, the questions you have to answer correctly about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills, potential, etc.

Remember that being granted an interview will be your first step before getting accepted into a business school and getting you on your way to an MBA degree, this is a unique opportunity in which you should show the committee that you should be included in their upcoming class.

Prepare for an MBA Interview

You should define, prior to the interview, pertinent communication objectives, so you can focus your answer and the information you give to accomplish that objectives.

There's some information you must have clear in your mind before the MBA interview:

  • Describe yourself: there's no one that could know best you than yourself, but in this case you need to have in mind an elevator pitch.
  • Know well your strengths and weaknesses (and what are you doing about them?)
  • A question that for sure you'll be asked is: Why an MBA?
  • Remember some experiences in which you could illustrate that you can work effectively on a team, and you're a person with initiative and creativity, or an experience in which you applied your knowledge to become a failure into a future success.
  • Show that you're a multidimensional candidate with other activities you enjoy on your spare time.
  • If you have a lot of experience: why do you want to get an MBA now? If you Don't have much experience, what will you gain from an MBA now?
  • What do you expect from the classes at the business school?
  • A typical question from interviewers is: Do you have any questions for me? There's not worse answer than No. You should be prepared with a few questions that relate to the academic and cultural environment of the institution. This part will show your interest in the school.

You must do your homework and do some research about the program's interview methods. For example some business schools test your grace under pressure with questions about your goals and future, while other focus their questions on past actions in specific situations with experiences. Some ideas for getting this information might be on school's admissions website and admissions blogs.

Practice before your interview, spend some time practicing your stories and answers to the most common questions out loud, you can even ask a friend for help or do it in front of a mirror, till you find yourself comfortable telling the stories and you notice that you are more relaxed.

Other extra important preparation include: care about your dress, prepare the necessary information you need to bring, such as resumes, other letters, references, etc.

Tips for an MBA Interview

  • Remember that preparation is the key, so it's important to follow some steps that we included previously.
  • Don't waste time discussing things that are already indicated on your application. Don't be redundant; remember that Interviews last between 30 minutes and one hour as much.
  • Remember that the first impression you create is very important, so when you are asked to say "something about yourself" Don't do what all applicants do (blurting out their schooling, college, marks and qualifications), you need to distinguish yourself with something else.

Written by: Jose H

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