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4 Common Call Center Representative Interview Questions & Answers

You have crafted a great resume that has convinced a potential employer to call you for an interview. However, it is not time to relax just yet. Interview preparation is crucial since your performance here is likely to be the determining factor in whether or not you ultimately get the job. While your on-paper qualifications are important, call center representative interview questions are designed to assess your ability to interact with customers and to utilize the skills listed on your resume to provide excellent service.

To help you get started with your preparation for your interview, we have compiled some frequently asked customer service representative interview questions along with sample answers. Using these as a starting point for planning your own answer to potential questions can help you respond confidently and comprehensively when the time comes for your interview.

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4 Common Call Center Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. What qualities do you think are important in order to provide good customer assistance?

I believe that the ability to communicate clearly and establish rapport with customers is key to assuring customer satisfaction. As a call center representative, I emphasize friendliness, honesty and accuracy when dealing with customers. Another important characteristic is the ability to practice active listening and empathy for the customer's problems. Customers need to feel that their problems are as important to the representative as they are to themselves. Many times, customers may be highly upset or irate; therefore, a good representative will possess the ability to remain patient and calm under all circumstances. In my interactions with customers, I keep in mind that I need to do my best to address their concerns as effectively as possible, no matter what. Finally, comprehensive knowledge of the product in question and of relevant company policy is necessary in order to offer effective solutions.

2. How do you deal with a customer who demands solutions you cannot provide?

I strive to always go the extra mile to achieve satisfactory solutions to customer concerns. However, sometimes a customer will insist on obtaining services that are either against company policy or impossible to provide. For example, I once had an angry customer who wanted to return a computer in exchange for one of a different brand. My company did not sell any computers of that other brand, so that was not a service I could offer him. I listened to his concerns and his reasons for wanting the other computer. Then I told him about other computers offered by my company that were similar to the one he wanted and explained how their attributes were suitable for the customer's purposes. As a result, the customer was able to calm down and ultimately chose to receive a replacement computer from our catalog.

3. Have you ever encountered a serious conflict with a supervisor?

I cannot say I have ever had a serious conflict, as I have a good work ethic and my job performance is excellent. There have been some instances where I have encountered disagreements as to the best way of handling a specific customer issue. In these circumstances, I have been able to discuss the problem with my supervisor and arrive at a solution that was both satisfactory to the customer and met with my supervisor's approval.

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4. I see from your resume that your previous customer service experience includes working at a computer store, but no call center experience. Can you tell me what your idea of a call center is and how you would utilize your prior experience in providing call center service?

I see a call center as a place where I would provide customer service over the phone instead of face-to-face. I understand that it is typically a high-paced environment where I will need to adapt to speaking with many different types of people and address their concerns. My time providing face-to-face customer service has taught me the value of tailoring interaction to each individual for maximum customer satisfaction. I have also learned to listen actively, express empathy and offer constructive and prompt solutions. In my opinion, since over-the-phone customers do not have the advantage of observing my facial expressions and body language, I will need to ensure that my tone conveys the message I intend. As customers are also unable to see what I am doing, I will also be sure to keep them updated throughout our conversation, for example, letting them know that I am checking the electronic record of their purchase.

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