5 Common Communications Representative Interview Questions & Answers

A stellar cover letter and resume are the perfect way to get your foot in the door. It gives the hiring manager a snapshot of you, your experience, your traits and your relevant skills. However, those elements are not enough to seal the deal. Acing your interview is essential to convincing the hiring manager that you are the perfect candidate for the position. It is important that you prepare for your interview by reviewing commonly asked questions. There are certain questions you can expect in practically any job interview, such as, "Why should we hire you for this job?" but there are certain communications representative interview questions that you should be aware of as well. Knowing these questions and having answers formulated in your mind can help you to answer with confidence, clarity and poise. Check out some of the common questions you can expect specifically for your communications representative interview.

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5 Communications Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. What do you feel is the best communications strategy?

In today's age, the strongest communications strategy is utilizing social media. You can reach practically any target market and connect with it immediately. Unlike other media forms that only allow you to reach out to prospective consumers, social media encourages interaction from both parties, which is an excellent way to engage consumers and create stronger, lasting connections with your intended audience. Also, social media is more fluid than other media forms, and there are low- to no-cost marketing options. This not only makes it easy to alter or enhance specific marketing efforts, it also proves to be a very cost efficient means of marketing.

2. What would you say are essential skills for providing great customer service?

I believe that great customer service consists of listening, communication and problem-solving skills. In today's customer-centered market, it is critical that you truly understand the needs and desires of the client, so listening is key. Once an issue is understood, proper methods must be implemented to address the issue. Also, it is important to be able to articulate what resolution is possible for an issue, as well as any services that are being offered or provided. In my experience, when all of these skills are properly implemented customer satisfaction can be achieved.

3. What have you gained through your previous experience as a communications representative?

In my previous experiences I have gained knowledge, skill and a new perspective. I have come to realize that to be an effective communications representative, I must be able to view a situation from various angles. With the diverse groups of people I work with on a daily basis, I have also come to respect and understand how to properly work with people of different cultures and backgrounds. I believe this has helped me to develop unique, multi-faceted communications campaigns, as well as be a better team player. Considering these things, I truly believe that my experiences have helped me to be a more effective individual in general, as well as a stronger communications representative.

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4. Can you tell me about your experience with the toughest client you have had to work with?

In my last position I was working with a business that had very disconnected communication between departments, which caused the company to appear dysfunctional to prospective business partners. After evaluating the company's current system, my team and I were able to diagnose the issue and develop a system that created a central location for all departments to share and receive information. I presented the plan to the executives of the company and headed its implementation. This system aided in getting all of the departments on one page and greatly enhanced communication, which helped to boost production, increase sales and lead to developing strong business connections.

5. How have you worked as a team player in the past?

On team projects I tend to be a strong helper. With my diverse background, I am familiar with and capable of completing various managerial, administrative and marketing tasks. Therefore, I always make myself available to assist my fellow team members with the different aspects of a project. When problems arise, I am always willing to contribute to brainstorming and implementing proper solutions. As a team, our goal is the successful completion of the project, and I seek to help in those endeavors in any way possible.

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