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5 Common Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

After you are done writing a clear and professional-looking resume and cover letter, it is time to start preparing for the interview itself. It is important you practice answering common inquiries so you can give confident, informative replies that highlight your competence for the position. This is your first chance to wow the hiring manager, and if you miss the mark now, you may not get a second opportunity.

Looking at general questions and basic best practices can give you a great foundation and an understanding of how to structure your answers. However, these general tips may not give you the details needed to clinch the interview. You should also take the time to review specific consultant interview questions, so you can really stand out from your peers and impress the hiring manager with how well you would fit in the position.

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5 Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

What qualifies you to be a consultant in the law industry?

I have a bachelor's degree in public relations, which gives me an insight into what companies can do to gain a better public standing. I also have experience working with law firms specializing in different areas, so I will be able to rely on my previous experience to help you through your current situation. While I may not have an expertise in law, I do not think that is what you need right this second. You all are lawyers and therefore have a clear understanding of what the law requires. You do not need another point of view from that angle, which is why my public relations background will be helpful in coming to a solution.

What value will you be able to add as our consultant?

Some companies misunderstand the role of a consultant, so I am glad you are asking this question. Should you choose me to be your consultant, I will be able to help you spread knowledge across different functions and levels. My discussions with people in different departments and at different structural levels may be a key to unlocking creative solutions to your problem. Many large companies like this struggle to have these interdepartmental discussions, so that is the value I will be able to bring to your company.

What do you do to stay up-to-date on the industry?

As technology changes throughout this and other industries, I find it is important for professionals to take the time to stay educated. I read peer-reviewed journals, attend conferences and participate in workshops to ensure my expertise stays sharp and current. I recently started pursuing a public relations certification, which will help give me new techniques and information related to consulting. Part of what keeps me up-to-date is the conversations I have with customers, colleagues and those in the industry.

How do you stay organized when balancing several clients?

Most documents are digital these days, so organization is fairly easy to achieve. Even so, I color code my clients in my calendar and physical files to ensure I do not get my meeting times and locations mixed up. Something as simple as making one client purple and another client yellow really helps me keep information and timelines straight. My attention to detail also helps me stay organized because it ensures I interpret my schedule and documents accurately. Without this skill, my organization attempts would likely fail.

Can you explain the skills you see as being most important for a consultant to have?

In any career field there are going to be skills that are important to have. According to the job description, I know you are looking for someone who can communicate well and interact with a variety of people. Communication and interpersonal skills are an important part of being a consultant. These skills allow consultants to understand what the client wants, ask appropriate questions and interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. I also think it is of vital importance for a consultant to have good judgement. Clients are going to be looking for advice, so consultants have to know what kind of advice to give and how to help the solve their problems. Bad judgement could lead to a consultant overstepping his bounds.

When you go into an interview, you want to be memorable in a positive way. By reviewing common consultant interview questions, you may be able to give better answers to inquiries and really show the hiring manager how well you would fit in the position and at the company.

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