5 Common HR Representative Interview Questions & Answers

After spending hours perfecting the wording and format of your cover letter and resume, your hard work has finally resulted in getting a call back from a company to which you have applied. Now is time to turn your focus toward acing that face-to-face interview. While your initial application materials have undoubtedly left a good impression on the hiring staff of the company in question, your resume and cover letter only get you so far. It is the interview that really has significant sway over whether a business chooses to bring you on board. There are inevitably going to be a few questions that you hear in every job interview regarding what makes you a unique and qualified candidate. However, in order to ensure that you lock down this open position, you are also going to have to provide strong answers to common HR representative interview questions.

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5 HR Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. Describe a financial transaction in your HR representative work history in which you take great pride.

When I was working at a computer manufacturing company, the research and development staff conceived of a small device that would allow users to make a copy of everything on their computers. The device could then be used both as a safety measure for keeping important files on hand while also allowing for the storage of larger applications and programs so that one could access everything from her or his main computer on any other compatible device. It proved incredibly popular upon its release, which meant that our carriers quickly ran out of the product. There was a shortage of the supplies needed to manufacture them. I secured a deal with a third party that carried the necessary components and we had products back on store shelves within two weeks. Because of my efforts and the speediness of the manufacturing division, quarterly profits saw a ten percent increase.

2. Have you ever had to mediate a dispute between two company employees?

Yes, I have had to keep the peace in the workplace on several occasions. I recall one incident in particular in which two of the executives at the top of the company were having a disagreement as to whether the company should invest in new iterations of existing products or in developing something new to excite the consumers. This kind of disagreement, while typically good for company innovation, was starting to create a ripple effect in which other people lower down in the business felt that they were being forced to takes sides in the argument. I scheduled a time and date in which the two executives met, with me acting as a mediator. I asked both individuals to present their points in a civil manner, after which point they came to an agreement to split company funds in such a way that both the iteration and innovation projects received support.

3. Are you comfortable using information management systems?

The short answer to the question is that I have plenty of experience in this area. Whether your company keeps its information in Excel spreadsheets, keeps it available for everyone via a Google Drive-based system or you use something else entirely, I am confident that I will be able to quickly adapt and hit the ground running in this position.

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4. Give an example of when your strong sense of organization was useful.

For a few consecutive months, there were three of the same company employees who would come to me stating that they had not received their paychecks in the mail as they should have. Initially, I would correct the problem right then and there and put the checks into the mail. However, once I noticed that this was becoming a pattern, I checked my records and discovered that the employees in question had all relocated without submitting their new addresses. Once I had the information, I updated the company records and the issue was resolved.

5. Have you ever had to prevent a company from losing a customer?

There was one instance in which one of our carriers did not receive the same shipment of one of our new products as the other carriers, causing them to threaten to drop all our products. It turned out to be a logistical issue, which I corrected in order to keep the carrier on board.

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