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5 Common Human Resources Technician Interview Questions & Answers

After taking the time to write a resume and cover letter to represent who you are, it is time to focus on the interview. This is one of the very most important steps when applying for a job, so you cannot afford to neglect it. As the first in-person interaction you will have, the interview will be when you can confirm the information on your resume as true and may be what determines whether or not you are hired.

There are several recommended steps you should take to prepare before you walk into your human resources technician interview. First, review the best interviewing practices and study the most common general interview questions. If you want to be as prepared as possible, you should also review the human resources technician interview questions that you are likely to receive. These are among the inquiries that the interviewer is most interested in, so you should be sure you have strong answers prepared. These common questions and sample answers will help you be as prepared as possible for your interview.

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5 Human Resources Technician Interview Questions & Answers

Analysis is a huge part of this position. Have previous positions prepared you for this requirement?

I have experience in the accounting department. My responsibilities while holding this position included risk analysis and making decisions based on the numbers we had. Obviously, the analysis we had to do in accounting was much more mathematically based than the employee performance analysis of the human resources department, but I extensively developed this skill and can confidently say that I am prepared to apply it in a new context. I am excited to shift my focus and expand this skill even further.

In order to succeed as a human resources technician, you must have excellent communication skills. Describe your experiences that have developed this skill.

The biggest experience I have had that has contributed to my communication skills is my time as a team leader. To succeed in leadership, communication is a must, but I took special care to prioritize communication when I was working in this position. I can say, with certainty, that my choice to emphasize communication is why I succeeded. In fact, my performance inspired the management to update the training process to include a bigger focus on the leaders' communication skills.

The human resources team includes many different workers. What is your personal approach to collaboration success?

I've told you before how strongly I prioritize communication. I believe this also applies to collaboration. The only way a team is able to work together efficiently is if they are communicating efficiently. Otherwise, you are left with a group of people that each is doing their own tasks and it isn't even collaboration at all. I absolutely believe that the key to succeeding as a team is to be able to communicate.

How do your long-term career goals involve earning this human resources technician position?

I've told you that my work history is mostly in accounting. Earning this human resources technician position would be a step into a new field. I intend to make this transition permanently, and I hope to be able to maintain this position for at least five years. I believe that my future is in human resources, so earning this position would be a big step for me. Additionally, I've told you that I have experience in leadership. I do intend to pursue managerial positions while I am working in the human resources department. I can confidently say that I will be with this company for a long time.

Part of human resources involves mathematics and accounting skills. Do you have experience in the accounting department or otherwise developing mathematics skills?

I do. In fact, this was my focus for many years. I absolutely have more than enough mathematical skills to tackle this human resources technician position head-on. While I was working in the accounting department, it was my responsibility, as well as the rest of the team, to work the numbers out on a daily basis and suggest the best approach moving forward. The HR department incorporates mathematics to a lesser degree, but the approach is very similar. I understand that we will be working with the employees' compensation more than broader forms of math, so I am fully prepared to begin work.

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