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5 Common Insurance Office Manager Interview Questions & Answers

The next step after writing a resume and cover letter is getting ready for the first meeting with a potential employer. This interview is a vital part of the job search because you need to make a good first impression if you want to succeed. You need to use this time to expound on your experience and skills that make you right for the position at hand. Without the right preparation, you may find yourself floundering during the meeting.

You need to practice answering general questions so you can have a strong understanding of what needs to go into your replies. You can take your preparation a step further by looking at insurance office manager interview questions and their answers. These industry-specific inquiries may give you the experience you need to set yourself apart from the competition and really wow the hiring manager.

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5 Insurance Office Manager Interview Questions & Answers

How did you gain the technical knowledge needed for this insurance office manager position?

An insurance office manager has to have technical knowledge related to insurance and office management. I have a bachelor's degree in business, which gave me some expertise in the administrative world. I spent three years as an insurance underwriter, which gave me a technical understanding of the insurance side of things. I then spent five years as an office administrator, which is where I learned how to use scheduling software and other important computer programs.

What do you think your duties will be in this insurance office manager position?

I spent six months as an insurance office manager with my last company, so I have an idea of what my duties will be from that and from the job description. From what I understand, I will be tasked with managing client records, maintaining the work facilities and giving administrative assistance to the management team as needed. I may also have to answer phones and help clients set up new policies or change existing policies. Thankfully, I have the organizational, computer and communication skills needed to succeed at these duties.

You will be expected to perform office tasks. Do you have the computer abilities necessary?

I am fairly computer capable. I have had to use computers throughout all of my past positions, so I was able to gain some familiarity with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. I can also use various management, scheduling and rating systems. I am not sure exactly what programs I will be expected to use in this insurance office manager position, but I am a quick learner and feel confident I will be able to master the programs in a short time.

A big part of this job will be scheduling and maintaining the work facilities. Do you have experience with this task?

At my last job, I occasionally had to step in as office administrator when our administrator was on vacation, out sick or on maternity leave. A big part of her job was to set schedules and maintain the work facility, so I do have some experience with those tasks. My time doing these duties was short, but I think my attention to detail, analytical skills and communication skills helped me do well. My attention to detail will help ensure I do not overbook an office space or employee. My analytical skills will help me review procedures and schedules to ensure everything is set up in the best way possible. My communication skills will help me explain the schedule and what everyone has to do at a given time.

What kind of advancement are you hoping this insurance office manager position will lead to?

As you can tell from my resume, I have some experience as an insurance underwriter. I am looking to move into the office management side of things so I can gain some administrative experience. I enjoy working with different insurance policies and customers, but I feel I will be able to make a greater impact in a different position. As of right now, I am hoping to become an insurance underwriter manager or gain some other managerial position. I think this insurance office manager position will help me make these advancements because of the manager-like duties I will be expected to perform.

Review these and other common insurance office manager interview questions and answers so you will be able to answer any inquiry made with confidence and eloquence.

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