5 Common Media Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

While you have already crafted a stellar resume and made it through the rigorous application process, you still have a lot to accomplish as you enter the more extensive interview. While resumes get you in the door, the interview is truly your time to shine, as potential employers are looking to discover more about your personality, work ethic and ideals to see if you are an appropriate fit for both the position and the company. While you will certainly encounter some general questions about your future goals and experiences, interviewers will also ask you a number of questions that are specific to the public relations industry and media coordinator positions, and you will want to be prepared to answer.

We have collected a few of the most common media coordinator interview questions and some appropriate sample answers to help you prepare to wow your potential employers and start your dream job.

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5 Common Media Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

1. What do you think is the role of a media coordinator?

In my opinion, a media coordinator is responsible for working with clients to create potential campaigns as well as work with media outlets to purchase ad time or space. In this position, an individual is asked to collaborate with a number of individuals while creating materials that appeal to a specific market.

2. You will often be expected to finalize and edit advertising materials. Describe the strength of your editing skills.

Typos and grammatical errors are far too common in advertising, and often these overlooked materials become viral jokes themselves. As such, it is important to repeatedly check materials throughout the editing process to eliminate issues. When I created advertising materials at my last job, I would craft the documents and then let them sit for a little while before editing. This is important as it allows me to distance myself from the content. At this point, I would return to the material and read through it several times. I also like to make sure to have a second pair of eyes to take a glance, just in case.

3. As a media coordinator, you will be expected to establish relationships with media representatives. Explain how you would accomplish this task.

One of the most important steps in establishing a relationship with someone is making eye contact and learning the individual's name. In my last position, I would make sure to take note of every client name and use it when speaking with that client. Additionally, it is important to check in and maintain contact with each representative. As a media assistant in my last position, I would call media representatives regularly to check in and simply see what was happening at the location and check in with how they were doing. Knowing that they were our priority encouraged them to make us one of theirs.

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4. You will also be expected to work with clients in designing and executing the best materials to reach their audiences. When have you had to reach a particular demographic, and how well did you accomplish the task?

As a media assistant, my boss frequently asked me to aid with and craft campaigns for clients. In particular, we created material for a small clothing boutique that appealed to young women from ages 18-25. Additionally, much of their clothing was designed in a bohemian style. When we began working with the client, I instantly thought that the music festival crowd would be an excellent target demographic. As such, I suggested that we run radio advertisements on stations that were promoting upcoming music festivals. This move significantly helped in their sales.

5. Media coordinators are also expected to create online media campaigns through social media. How well do you understand social media, and how have you used it to spread an idea?

As a millennial, I am very active on social media and maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Therefore, I am very comfortable posting and interacting on these platforms. Additionally, in my role as a media assistant, I had the opportunity to use social media as an advertising tool. As both a personal and professional user, I understand which posts stand out and what gets shared. For example, with the bohemian boutique campaign, I worked on posting ideas and photos on some of the festival sites to drive traffic to the company. This further improved our outreach.

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