5 Common Nurse Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

You've taken the first steps towards obtaining an excellent new career by completing an outstanding resume and a stellar cover letter, and now you only have to worry about one thing: the face-to-face interview. While your initial documentation goes a long way towards making a good impression on potential employers, the interview is the crucial part of the hiring process that will ultimately land you the job you want.

Interviewers use this opportunity to observe a candidate more closely and ask questions that can reveal a great deal about an applicant's work ethic, overall professionalism, habits within the workplace and much more. Because these questions are so important to your chances of landing the job, it's essential for you to prepare prior to the meeting. While you may already be familiar with some of the more general questions you'll be faced with, you should also be ready and able to properly answer some more specific nurse consultant interview questions that involve your skills on the job.

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5 Nurse Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

1. Generally, you'll be working from home in this line of work. How do you plan to stay motivated on a daily basis?

Keeping a regular schedule is always a great way to keep my day organized and to keep me on task when I have work to do. I know a lot of people who work from home tend to have erratic hours, but this seems like it could cause a lot of scheduling errors. Even on my days off I like to wake up no later than 8 a.m., as this gives me the time and motivation to get chores and other responsibilities taken care of before I can get sidetracked. Having the right setting also plays a huge part of maintaining a professional life from home, and I have a dedicated office already where I can handle paperwork and other important tasks.

2. How do you plan on keeping up with the latest news in the medical industry while you're working from home?

Being up to date with the news is always important, especially in the medical industry, where policies and requirements are likely to change with new discoveries. Up until now, I've been using a few different websites to keep up with any changing information, including medicalnewstoday.com and Medscape.com. These have proven to be valuable resources thus far when it comes to reporting the facts that I need to know for this line of work, but I'm always open to other suggestions if you have any to offer.

3. Describe a time in which you had a conflict with a customer or client, what steps you took to resolve the issue, and the result.

While working at my last job, I was in control of administering medication to patients in the trauma center as needed. It was a job with a lot of responsibility, and knowing that my job meant life and death in most cases tended to be stressful at times. I encountered a patient who refused to take required medicine. Instead of growing upset with the patient and forcing it on her, I calmly described why she needed the medicine and what it did. In the end, she accepted the medicine willingly and began her recovery quickly.

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4. Are you an organized individual?

I like to consider myself rather organized, yes. During my last job as a data clerk in a hospital, I was in charge of organizing and keeping track of medical records and being able to produce them at a moment's notice. While it was a bit challenging at first, my organizational skills developed over time and have since become a part of my professional skill set overall.

5. When working from home, how will you maintain a proper work-life balance?

I've worked from home in the past, and I know firsthand that it can be a bit of a challenge not to let everyday responsibilities overrun professional ones. I've found that setting up a strict schedule for myself does the trick best. Generally, I work for a set amount of hours each day before approaching chores or other household distractions to ensure I'm getting the most out of my day and I have time to handle whatever comes my way.

Studying these nurse consultant interview questions and analyzing the sample answers is an excellent way to create a good impression during your upcoming job interview, which increases your chances of a job offer.

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