5 Common Pension Agent Interview Questions & Answers

Getting a new job can be a long, arduous process. In addition to crafting an attractive resume and cover letter, you also need to prepare thoroughly for the interview. As good as your resume might be, it is not going to mean much if you cannot efficiently articulate to the hiring manager why you are the best individual for the job. For this reason, it is in your best interest to review common pension agent interview questions and answers so that you can be ready for virtually anything.

Some questions are bound to come up regardless of the exact position for which you are interviewing. Talking about your greatest weaknesses and strengths is typical, but you should also be prepared to talk a little bit about the company you are interviewing for and why you want to work there. However, becoming familiar with the questions that are a tad more pertinent to the insurance industry is even more crucial.

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5 Pension Agent Interview Questions & Answers

1. What proactive actions have you taken in order to create a more efficient workplace?

Before I started working at my last job, there was no referral program in place. They mostly relied on cold-calling to get new clients, so I recommended to my boss that we should offer incentives to current clients if they refer someone over to us. It took some convincing, but he agreed to try it out. We ended up getting a lot more business out of the system.

2. How do you handle high-pressure situations at work?

One high-pressure situation we were in recently is that a business contacted us interested in setting up a policy for all their employees, totaling over 150 individuals. It was a huge potential case that would have brought in a lot of money for our organization. My boss encouraged everyone to dedicate a majority of their resources to landing this client. It required some late nights and working on the weekend to get everything together, but I managed to get through by talking everything out with my colleagues. Everyone else was going through the same thing, so it was easy to talk with my peers so that we could discuss trepidation or worries. It was really helpful to have people who understood precisely what I was going through, and we ended up landing the client in the end.

3. Describe a situation where you had to express an opinion in a tactful manner.

Once I was discussing a potential pension plan with a client. She had done her research and had acquired information from a different company. I tried explaining all the benefits she would get from us, but she countered that the other company offered the exact same benefits at a lower rate. I looked into the situation and found that the client was right, so I explained that going with another company was the right move, but if it ended up not working out, we would be there to assist her. A few months later, the client came back saying she was unsatisfied with the services she was getting from the competition, and wanted to work with us.

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4. Describe a time when you had to take initiative.

Once a coworker was trying to sign a prospective client. Our boss constantly had to check in with him to see what progress was being made, and the work simply was not getting done at the pace the boss wanted. There was a significant risk that we would lose this big client. I did not want to overstep any boundaries, but I offered to help my coworker with the research. I think my coworker was a little too prideful to outright ask for help, but I could tell he was grateful for the help, and we ended up splitting the commission when we landed the client.

5. Are you able to handle criticism?

I have been working in the insurance industry for some time, so I have become accustomed to handling criticism. I have one coworker in particular who has a real knack for pointing out minor mistakes, and I have learned to take it in stride and implement suggestions rather than fighting someone about it.

Landing a new pension agent position might seem difficult, but by studying these pension agent interview questions and answers, you will be much more prepared.

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