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5 Common Public Relations Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

You have studied and worked extensively toward the goal of attaining a position as a public relations coordinator. Your resume is in perfect order and tells the details about the wheres, whens and whats of your qualifications for the job. The real determination, however, about whether you are offered the job hinges on your face-to-face interview. Prepping with the help of general interview advice is recommended, but going the extra step to study more pertinent tips gives you the extra edge.

Continue your preparation by studying these public relations coordinator interview questions that are commonly asked. The interviewer wants to learn how you can meet the specific requirements of the position, and these examples are focused toward that goal. Construct your own responses so you are fully capable of giving a clear indication of your personal attributes and relevant experience and training. Highlight your own abilities and skills so you can shine in the interview process.

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5 Public Relations Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

Have you taken a role in coordinating several simultaneous tasks in a work environment? What was your method for staying organized?

I held the position of assistant to the event planner at a large hotel downtown. I was responsible for coordinating many concurrent events, from small meetings and wedding receptions to professional association symposiums. There was always something going on, and I kept things organized for myself and my manager by calendaring every aspect of each event, setting milestones so we could stay on schedule and sending daily reports to our catering department so they were always adequately prepared. During my time there, we started providing event planning services for five new clients based on recommendations from existing clients because of the way the events were successfully run.

Can you give an example of an instance when you realized a planned work event was at risk of not going according to plan? How did you handle the solution?

In event planning, I was always aware that preparation for the Plan B was as important as the Plan A arrangement, because you never knew when a vendor would fail to deliver flowers on time, or something along those lines. There was one particular event when a local city council candidate was expecting the state senator to deliver an endorsement speech at a rally being held at the hotel. The senator's flight into town was delayed and the event was at risk of losing momentum. It wasn't our fault that the plans were falling apart, but I took the initiative to arrange for a video conference so the senator could appear on several large screen monitors during the rally. I also got the senator's office to send a personal email to every attendee with the copy of his speech and a picture of him sadly stranded at the airport so they could understand the situation.

The public relations coordinator generates the drafts of correspondence for the PR manager to give the final review before release. What experience do you have in drafting professional correspondence?

I regularly wrote letters of introduction to prospective clients for the hotel event planning department, and was often asked to edit my co-workers' correspondence before it was sent out.

Our public relations department coordinates with several other departments within the company, including the IT department and staff at the executive level. Do you have experience dealing with all levels of an organization?

Yes, in my event planning position I often worked closely with people in all levels. I was in close communication with the janitorial crew as well as the operations manager and executive assistant to the corporate president. I always dealt with my associates professionally and respectfully, and always received the same from them in return.

What is your experience in dealing with an angry client?

Sometimes event clients get so stressed that they take their frustration out on whoever they're talking to, and sometimes that was me. I quickly learned not to take it as a personal attack and to keep calm. That usually diffused the situation so we could reach a satisfactory solution.

Going into a meeting where you will be fielding common public relations coordinator interview questions can be intimidating. You can boost your confidence by studying these examples and preparing your own responses. Practice delivering your answers and keep them geared toward the specific role requirements. Your interest in the position and your outstanding qualifications are sure to prove your value during the interview.

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