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5 Common Subway Shift Leader Interview Questions & Answers

Submitting an excellent resume and cover letter to a new job you want is only the beginning. You need to make those papers attractive enough that the hiring manager actively wants to meet with you in person to get a better sense of who you really are. Once you've scheduled an interview, it is time to start preparing so that you can be confident you will be a viable candidate for the job.

The following Subway shift leader interview questions and answers are some of the more typical ones you can expect to hear. While some interview questions are common no matter what you are applying for, these are specific questions that are likely to be asked based on the job. In addition to being ready to talk about where you want to be in five years and what your greatest accomplishments are, you should also prepare responses for these questions along the lines of the sample answers given here.

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5 Subway Shift Leader Interview Questions & Answers

How do you deal with bad employees?

In the past I have utilized a warning system first before moving on to more drastic punishments for bad employees. For example, at my last job there was a worker who consistently showed up to work half an hour to an hour late. When this happened twice in one week, I talked with the employee in question and told him he needed to come in on time. The worker showed up late a couple days after the verbal warning was given, and that is when I filed an official report with the manager of the store. He suspended the employee, and when the employee returned there was never an issue again.

How would you go about resolving a conflict between two coworkers?

I feel like engaging in civil communication would be the best way to go at first. Once we had a situation where an employee made an off-color joke during a shift that did not sit well with a coworker. That individual approached me, and I spoke with the employee who made the joke. He seemed genuinely caught off guard that the joke was construed as being offensive, and I explained to him that certain jokes should not be made at work. He apologized to his coworker, and everything was set right.

What do you believe makes a business run smoothly?

I have found that businesses run most effectively when everyone on the team gets along and are all striving to accomplish the same goal. I believe this starts with hiring the right people. In the past I have been the interviewer bringing on new employees, and I look at overall personality in addition to work experience when looking for someone to bring on the team. When we accomplish a task, I make sure to congratulate everyone involved on a job well done.

How do you encourage others to perform at their best?

I have found that the old adage of you catch more flies with honey than vinegar holds up quite well in the business world. I promote incentives to encourage everyone to perform their best. My last job had an Employee of the Month program, and whoever won during a given month would receive a slight bump in pay during that time period. I also encouraged my past employees to provide suggestions. I would never want anyone to feel as though they cannot give their honest opinion, and listening to my coworkers is what allowed my last company to implement an incentive program for our customers.

How would you handle an angry or rude customer?

Having worked in customer service for over five years, I have grown quite accustomed to dealing with unruly customers. As a shift leader I understand that if employees cannot resolve a situation on their own, then it will fall to me to find a solution. I have found that in fast food the issues that arise are most often related to an order not being correct. I generally resolve this by apologizing and providing the customer with free food.

As a shift leader, be prepared for more questions related to your abilities as a leader. Read over these Subway shift leader interview questions and answers the next time you have an interview on the horizon.

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