5 Common Division Manager Interview Questions & Answers

If you are getting ready for an interview, you were able to impress the company you applied for with an excellent resume and cover letter. Putting together a standout resume allows you to pass this first hurdle, but the upcoming interview will make or break the final job decision. When hiring managers conduct an interview, they are looking to see how prepared you are to answer the questions they throw at you. An interview is also an opportunity to make a good in-person impression that will demonstrate what kind of team member you will be if you get hired.

When it comes down to this face-to-face meeting, there are some general questions that are often asked. However, it is equally important for you to be prepared to answer industry-specific questions. These commonly asked division manager interview questions and answers will help you get ready to do a great job in the interview process.

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5 Common Division Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. This position requires prior management experience. Talk about some of your experience managing a group of people.

As a GM in fast food, it was my job to make sure that everything was run properly. I would count products every day, delegate tasks, and make sure that employees and customers had their needs met. If a customer complaint could not be handled by an employee, it came to me to decide what to do. My experience working in the food industry gave me a strong sense of what it takes to lead and manage a team. I found that it sometimes requires putting in a lot of hours in order to be there in person to guarantee that everything happens the way it is supposed to.

2. How do you factor in the needs of employees versus the needs of the company?

As a manager, the bottom line is to make sure company goals are met. I believe that a big part of that is having employees who are glad to be working their positions. If there are issues among the work force, my first step would be to have a human resources worker look into what's going on, rather than coming down on the employees themselves. Ultimately things need to work from both ends, but if the business itself is being compromised, one thing has to give, and I understand that sometimes that means finding a replacement for an employee who is just not the right fit.

3. What is your procedure as a manager for making sure products stay at the right levels?

I trust in my employees to do a good job taking stock and reporting back to me. Sometimes I will take stock myself just to confirm that the numbers being reported are accurate. Primarily my role as a manager is to identify the need for and the amount of product that is being sold, and decide what amount is needed. This requires detailed attention to the ebb and flow of business and what products are selling the fastest. When placing orders, I keep all of these factors in mind.

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4. As a division manager, where do you think your efforts would be best directed, and how?

I consider a division manager's responsibility to be first and foremost the proper direction of the division they are in charge of. Issues can have a range of impacts, either affecting a single worker or the entire division. I would deal with all of these in the right way by getting to the bottom of the problem and taking appropriate action. Sometimes issues can spread outside of the division to impact the company as a whole. In such cases I would report to the higher-up manager in order to make sure things are dealt with effectively.

5. Suppose an employee is trying to work more overtime hours, but to cut costs we cannot accommodate that. How would you go about letting the employee know that he has to cap off at a certain amount of hours?

I would make sure their direct supervisor is aware of the reasons for having to keep our costs at a certain level. I would instruct the supervisor in how to address the employee by simply explaining that our policy does not allow for overtime at this juncture. By ensuring that there is a smooth process of communication, everybody will know what is going on and there should be no issues.

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