5 Critical Account Executive Interview Tips

You've spent countless hours writing, rewriting, polishing and otherwise perfecting your resume. You've got your dream job picked out, and you've even chosen a coffee mug for your new desk. Now all you have to do is ace your interview and get hired. Sounds easy, right? Interviews can be exciting and challenging, but for some people they are a source of anxiety. No matter the industry, the purpose of a first interview is to get to know you beyond what is written on your resume.

Certainly, there are some general best practices that any job applicant knows to adhere to, but in order to ensure your interview goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, there are a few account executive interview tips to follow that can really make or break your chances of landing the job. In addition to making a great first impression, you'll want to make sure your interviewer understands that you are qualified for the job and excited to get to work.

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Account Executive Interview Tips

Communicate Well: Your first interview is an excellent opportunity to show the hiring manager how well you communicate. Account executives must have the ability to talk about numbers and other data in a way that coworkers and clients can understand. You may spend a fair amount of time each week in meetings, which will be more productive if you are able to say what you mean on the first try. Not everyone is a natural communicator, so if you excel in this area, be sure to make it known. Perhaps you've taken public speaking courses, spent time in front of groups of peers at previous jobs, or you might maintain a blog or journal.

Point Out Your Awesome Organizational Abilities: As an account executive, you will be responsible for a lot of data. Both your employer and your clients will be counting on you to keep everything straight, in its place and properly recorded. Impress your interviewer by giving a specific example of your skills. For example, maybe there was an instance when you were given a lot of random information and were able to assimilate it into a tidy, effective system. Account executives need to be able to produce records, spreadsheets, charts and graphs at a moment's notice, so your ability to keep information organized is sure to be invaluable to your employer.

Describe Your Ability to Mitigate Challenges: Account executives are faced with problems on a regular basis. You may have a balance sheet that won't balance, or a budget that is too small. For an experienced professional, these challenges are just a fact of the job, but not everyone looks forward to solving problems. If you have experience with rectifying errors, speak up and give your interviewer a couple of examples. Perhaps you can describe particularly challenging problems you were able to not only solve, but prevent from occurring again. Also, if you have a history of saving money for your employer or clients, be sure to describe that in detail as well. This may be the most important of the account executive interview tips.

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Show Your Credentials: In order to work as an account executive in the accounting industry, you will need to have a certain amount of education as well as certification and work experience. Generally, employers will require candidates to have a bachelor's degree in accounting. Sometimes, a bachelor's degree in a closely-related field will suffice. In order to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a person must study for and pass an exam. To work at the executive level, several years of experience may be required. If your credentials are on your resume, as they should be, take a moment to point them out.

Put a Bow on It: When wrapping up your interview, add a few extra details that will make you stand out from the crowd. Also, take a moment to reiterate your greatest strengths, recap your biggest successes and restate your work experience. Hiring managers may have several qualified candidates for the job, so take these final few minutes to make sure that your resume will stay on top of the stack. Lastly, be sure to smile, make eye contact and give your heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to interview for the position.

Using these account executive interview tips may help you achieve your goal of being hired. By having a great first interview, you have a greater chance of landing the job.

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