5 Essential Coffee Shop Worker Interview Tips

The first step was polishing off your resume, and you made it shine. The next task was to write the perfect cover letter, and yours could have won a Pulitzer. Now it's time to sit across from a manager and prove that you're just as good in person as you are on paper. While a resume can make a hiring manager want to meet you, it's the face-to-face interview that will make someone want to work with you. This meeting is how you present yourself as a good worker and a good person.

There are some rules that any job applicant should adhere to when going in for an interview. You always want to speak positively about past experiences so that you seem enthusiastic, and also speak confidently about your abilities. The following coffee shop worker interview tips should aid anyone interested in this type of work, and they can help you turn a decent interview into a great one.

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Coffee Shop Worker Interview Tips

Know the Industry, Not Just the Company: There are a couple of pitfalls when you go in for an interview at a coffee shop having only researched that particular establishment. For starters, you might come across as a professional interviewer instead of a professional barista; too much research can make it seem like you're faking your interest in coffee. The other problem is that you might not be able to speak in generalities if you only know what that particular company does. By learning about popular coffee blends and trends around the nation, you're more likely to impress the interviewer and come across as someone who will be a quick study and bring valuable knowledge to the workplace.

Get Specific About Your Multitasking Abilities: Anyone looking for coffee shop worker interview tips already knows that the job requires a good deal of multitasking, and every other interviewee will point out that they excel at doing two things at once. What will set you apart is describing how you'll multitask. Before your appointment, watch the employees at the coffee bar and take note of the different activities they're bouncing between. In your interview reference that situation and describe how you would navigate it yourself. You don't have to be 100 percent accurate in your description, but include enough detail to show that you understand the type of multitasking you'll be charged with.

Talk About Customers in a Positive Way: Lots of people pop into coffee shops every day, and not all of them are pleasant. It's highly likely that you'll be asked how you'd handle a grumpy, demanding visitor, and your answer should be relatively positive. Acknowledge that sometimes people dump their baggage on vendors and it's your job to take it in stride and stay focused on the task at hand. The interviewer will be looking for individuals with a good demeanor and a general desire to leave every one of the company's customers satisfied.

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Stress How Meticulous You Are: When there's a line out the door full of people who need coffee in a hurry, any mistake can cost money and cause customers not to return. The employees at these shops have to keep a number of things in order and every detail matters, so make it clear to the hiring manager that you don't take mistakes lightly. Don't lie and say you'll never do a single thing wrong, but emphasize how you learn from your errors and rarely repeat them.

Have a Joke Ready: Since it's important that baristas be personable, the interviewer might put you on the spot by asking you to show some personality. Even if they don't ask you outright, it's never a bad thing if you can break the tension of this meeting with a little laughter. Have a tasteful joke or story ready to go. If it never comes up, it's not a big deal. However, if you're asked for a joke and you've got nothing to say, that might throw you off.

Following these coffee shop worker interview tips can help you impress the hiring manager and possibly earn a second appointment. If you can show that you have the capabilities to handle the workload and are the type of person that other employees and customers want to be around, you'll put yourself on the shortlist of potential hires.

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