5 Typical Attorney Interview Questions & Answers

At this point in the job application process, you have diligently worked towards finding an open position that seems to suit your strengths and specialized skills. This can be an exciting time, and one that leads to career advancements as an attorney. You have put in the work of crafting a resume that authentically represents you as a professional individual with your unique qualifications and work experiences. Now it's time to ace your first interview. The interview is an equally important step in the job application process that helps a company gauge whether or not you'd be a solid fit for the position. You can expect many of the general interview questions to be thrown your way, but it will be of incredible benefit if you familiarize yourself with more specific attorney interview questions.

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5 Attorney Interview Questions & Answers

1. As an attorney, you will need to deal with clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable disclosing personal and often uncomfortable information with you. How do you plan on maintaining your professionalism?

I understand that being in the law profession means professionalism comes first and foremost. As an attorney, I would ensure that every client felt that the information they were disclosing to me was heard, respected, and used in a way that would only be of benefit to him or her. In my former position as a paralegal, I observed the interpersonal skills of the various attorneys in the firm and could see first-hand what a difference that made in the successful relationships with their clients.

2. Which experiences from your previous jobs have allowed you to hone your problem-solving skills in a way that will benefit you in this position?

As a paralegal, it was often my responsibility to ensure that things ran as smoothly as possible in the firm. We'd encounter problems on a daily basis, whether that was a problem with one of the cases or a technological difficulty such as the computer systems going down. It was my duty to use a calm and logical thought process to help solve these issues effectively.

3. Do you feel confident in your logic skills? Provide a clear example.

I feel quite confident in my ability to think logically, and I also look forward to future opportunities where I can further hone this skill. As a paralegal, I was often asked to follow an appellate court's logic so that I could accurately prepare a brief or work through a legal issue. I also find the process of using logic to follow an opposing party's argument. I find this way of thinking to be a vital part to my successful career as an attorney.

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4. As an attorney, you will need to be in constant communication with those around you. How do you plan on maintaining strong relationships with everyone?

As mentioned before, I truly honor the importance of interpersonal skills in this industry. Fortunately, my previous work experiences allowed me the opportunity to speak with a variety of professionals such as Judges, clients, witnesses, court personnel, attorneys, and paralegals. From quick emails to formal letters and courtroom dialogue, I feel confident in my ability to communicate with a wide range of personnel.

5. As an attorney, you will be faced with long and difficult work hours. How do you plan on balancing a healthy work and personal life with this demanding career?

Since my studies as an undergraduate, I have been faced with the challenge of time management, and it is one that I have met well. While I am in the office, I plan on dedicating my time solely on the work in front of me, limiting distractions and leaving my personal life behind as best I can. In this manner, I hope to eliminate any unnecessary time spent in the office and on the clock; however, I will eagerly work overtime if a case or responsibility should call for it. I also understand that I am particularly effective in the workplace if I lead a balanced life and do have time carved out for myself. Therefore, I plan to honor this time and ask for it when appropriate or necessary for the wellbeing of myself and my career.

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