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6 Common Contract Recruiter Interview Questions & Answers

While preparing and sending out resumes and cover letters can seem exhausting after a while, the most important part is yet to come. The job interview is the portion of your application that can make or break your chances of being hired. Since this is most likely the first real point of contact between you and your potential new boss, you need to make sure your first impression is on point and that you leave the selection committee wanting to meet you again very soon. There is only so much recruiters can learn about you through paper, and your interview is the time to show them what you've got. It seems that there is always a stock set of interview questions that you will be asked, regardless of the job. To help you land the job as a contract recruiter, we've compiled a list of six contract recruiter interview questions and answers that are common to the field.

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6 Contract Recruiter Interview Questions & Answers

As a contract recruiter, it would be your job to find appropriate candidates to fill the positions that are open in our company. What is your past success rate?

In the past, I have successfully placed dozens of new employees within a company that was experiencing a rapid and sudden growth. I find and choose my candidates very carefully, and work closely with the company's human resource department to ensure that each candidate is an appropriate fit. My placement success rate has been overwhelmingly good, with over 80 percent of the employees continuing to work for the company after twelve months' time.

Have you recruited positions within our particular industry before?

I have experience recruiting for a very wide range of industries, including yours. I have proven success recruiting and retaining employees for a similar company in the past. I understand what it takes to find the right skillset for what you need, and have no doubt that I would be able to find the appropriate candidates for your company, regardless of which team you are currently seeking to expand.

Have you encountered issues with conflicts of interest in the past, and how have you resolved them?

Very early in my career I encountered such an issue. This was due to negligence of research, when I failed to ensure that the employee was not bound by a non-compete agreement. This was a hard lesson to learn, but one that has stuck with me throughout my career and has left behind a legacy of detail-oriented fact-checking. Each of my recruits is thoroughly vetted and will sign a disclosure stating he is not bound by a non-compete agreement elsewhere.

Will you be comfortable signing a non-disclosure agreement with our company?

I take the opportunity to work with your company very seriously, and would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I make it a practice never to discuss past clients with current clients, and I do not divulge confidential information between organizations. To work most effectively for you, I need to learn as much as I can about your business. I operate under complete discretion and have never betrayed the trust of the companies who have hired me in the past.

It is our practice to ask recruiters to sign a non-solicitation agreement as well. Have you honored such contracts in the past?

Non-solicitation agreements have been a part of my job with almost every client. I value each company I work with and would not undermine them by poaching their employees. Luckily, the current job market is full of qualified individuals seeking work, so the temptation would never arise in the first place.

What has been your most significant accomplishment as a contract recruiter?

My most significant accomplishment has not been with one sole company, but rather it's what I feel is my proven track record overall. I have assisted in the success of dozens of businesses by matching their needs with employees who fit perfectly. I have consistently received positive feedback throughout the years on my work, and take great pride in that.

Use these questions and answers as a guide to how you can guide the course of your face-to-face interview. Remember to project confidence, show why you're the best candidate and look your absolute best.

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