6 Common Insurance Clerk Interview Questions & Answers

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or you have been working for decades, you are always going to need to have an outstanding resume and cover letter. You also need to know how to interview effectively so that you are able to sell yourself to the hiring manager. A few things are consistent regardless of the exact position you are applying for. You should always dress professionally and show up early. You also need to be ready to answer inquiries such as "How soon can you start working?" and "What makes you different from anyone else?"

However, insurance clerks play an important role in firms, so the interviewer will also ask you questions that are more specific to that line of work. These are the questions you really do not want to trip up on, so review these common insurance clerk interview questions and answers to have a better chance of acing the interview.

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6 Insurance Clerk Interview Questions & Answers

1. Do you have a strong eye for details?

I do. At my last job, I had an assignment to purge all documents that were dated prior to the year 2000. This required me to go over thousands of papers in order to locate the small date in the corner and remove those papers from the facility. It would have been easy to lose track or get tired, but I managed to remove over 500 documents, which freed up a ton of space in the building.

2. How proficient are you with customer service?

I am used to working with the general public, either in person or over the phone. When someone asks for a specific piece of information, I know which department to go to. In order to provide clients with the best service possible, I make sure to ask plenty of questions before having them speak to a claims adjuster. I also understand that every situation calls for me contacting a superior to deal with a client. If I know it is within my power to assist the client with whatever they need, I am capable of handling it.

3. What skills do you think are most essential to this line of work?

Since being an insurance clerk can encompass a wide range of duties, I believe the best clerk would be someone who is dependable. A clerk needs to know how to prioritize a workload so that the most important tasks get taken care of first. I also believe communication is vital. In my career, I have noticed that the most confusion stems from inefficient communication, so if I were offered the position of clerk, I would make sure to keep everyone in the loop regarding important activities.

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4. Where do you hope to go in your career?

It is my goal one day to become a claims adjuster. I understand this requires more education and training on my end, but I am more than willing to put in the work. Getting a position as an insurance clerk would be a huge asset in achieving my goals, and I fully intend to start taking college classes in the fall to learn more about the insurance industry as a whole.

5. Are you prepared to handle difficult clients?

I have worked with difficult clients in the past and know how to handle myself. Part of my last job involved contacting individuals with delinquent accounts. They were late on payments, so it was my job to call them to inform them we had to cancel their account if they did not pay. This naturally led to many clients getting unreasonably angry at me. I had to maintain my calm, and if needed, turn the phone over to a superior to give more details about why we were cancelling their policy. The same principles applied whenever I had to deal with someone face-to-face.

6. Are you capable of handling stressful situations?

I am. I understand that at certain times of year, things around an insurance office can get a little crazy. During those times, I make it my responsibility to assist in any way I can. Even little things such as going around the office and getting everyone coffee can be a huge asset. I am willing to take whatever workload I can off my colleagues so that everyone is a little less stressed out.

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