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6 Common Plant HR Manager Interview Questions & Answers

It's okay to be a little nervous before your interview. You've put a lot of effort into your application this far, crafting the ideal cover letter and resume. Now you've reached the point that could possibly make or break the entire process. The importance of putting your best foot forward for the interview cannot be overstressed, and preparation and studying are key aspects to keeping you ahead of the game.

While you've probably got great answers to the myriad stock questions all employers are likely to ask, you'll need to be as familiar as you can with the industry-specific questions that will be used to really test your strength. Here are six such questions and answers that you can use to help prepare you for the interview to come. So grab a friend to help you practice, and start studying these plant HR manager interview questions to put you a step ahead and get you into the interview groove.

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6 Plant HR Manager Interview Questions & Answers

One of the primary duties of a plant HR manager is to ensure compliance with agencies such as OSHA and human rights organizations. Will you be able to uphold compliance plant-wide for these systems?

OSHA and human rights standards have been put in place to ensure the safety of every employee. While the annual online tests and on-site training modules may not seem like the best use of time to all employees, they are essential in maintaining a safe work environment. I will make sure all employees remain up to date on their training.

When working on hiring strategies, you will be required to conform to AAP and equal opportunity programs. How do you propose to do that?

It is my job to make sure that not only are the most qualified individuals hired for the job, but also that we are able to adhere to equal opportunity standards. I will keep the appropriate records in place to encourage diversity within the company while fostering an environment of qualified individuals who bring true skill and talent to the pool.

How will you get employees involved in health and wellness programs and activities?

The best way to encourage employees to take an active part in health and wellness programs is through incentive. A quarterly five mile walk on a nearby trail could be rewarded with an extra half a day of vacation. Likewise, gym memberships could be reimbursed by the company up to a certain dollar amount each month. When the employees feel like their employer cares about their well-being, they will be more likely to participate in company-wide events and programs.

Do you have experience coordinating employee training programs, both mandatory and voluntary?

I have drawn up and implemented ethical, safety, diversity and various other training programs throughout my career. I have historically had excellent turnout in the voluntary programs, especially by offering such incentives as a free lunch or overtime hours for the time spent participating in such training. Employee participation often really does just come down to added incentives and benefits. Making people want to attend something rather than telling them that they have to attend an event works wonders on attendance.

How do you handle conflict resolution between employees?

The short answer is that I would mediate between the conflicted individuals. However, each and every conflict is as different as the individuals involved, so each resolution would have to be tailored to the specific situation. I have had dozens of successful mediation experiences, in which both parties go on to be able to work with each other efficiently and without conflict for many years to come. Conflict resolution is imperative to a healthy work environment.

Do you have experience utilizing temporary employment agencies in order to meet staff requirements?

Temporary employment agencies are excellent means by which to staff a large number of people in a pinch. Since employment can be hard to find in difficult economic times, staffing agencies are a win-win situation in meeting the needs of the company and providing a means for employment for those in need of a steady job. Oftentimes temporary employment can transition to long-term staffing situations. Some of the best long-term employees can originally come from temporary agencies.

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