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Describe How You Inspired and Led a Group of Dissatisfied Workers

There are certain skills that are required for each and every job- and hiring managers are looking to hire candidates who possess these characteristics- traits and skill sets. To ensure that employers are selecting the best applicants- the interviewing process has changed. Along with asking traditional questions- interviewers now ask more targeted behavioral interview questions. Whereas traditional questions allow for more general or hypothetical answers- behavioral questions get to the root of the interviewees' actual experiences. This helps to provide a stronger gauge to determine if the interviewee would truly be a good fit for the position and the company.

When interviewers ask you to- 'Describe how you inspired and led a group of dissatisfied workers-' or similar questions- they are trying to gain a perspective of your leadership and problem-solving abilities. They want to evaluate your thought processes- the leadership style you ascribe to and your ability to communicate with others. By fully understanding the intent of this question- you can formulate an answer that addresses those aspects as well as highlights your skills. To ensure that you do this properly- the STAR method is a great option to consider. The following tips and example answer can help you become accustomed to the method and understand how to best cultivate your answer.

How to Answer the 'Describe How You Inspired and Led a Group of Dissatisfied Workers' Behavioral Interview Question

Choose One Example. When working with a group of people- you will most likely have several different instances where you had to address employee dissatisfaction. However- you want to make your answer as concise as possible. Therefore you should choose one instance- and focus on that situation and how you addressed it. With any behavioral interview questions that you face it is a good practice to make sure that you are able to quickly yet effectively describe the issue that was faced and how you were able to resolve it.

Do Not Deflect. Even if you have not held a managerial or lead position officially in your previous positions- it is never a good idea to try to deflect the question. This can make it appear that you do not have any leadership ability- which can decrease your odds as a viable candidate. Think of some point in time where you took on any managerial duties and talk about that experience. Keep in mind that part of the objective of this question is to gauge your managerial skills- so speak about any experience you have had where you were able to implement them.

Use the STAR Method. Though your goal when answering any behavioral interview questions should be to showcase your skills- you want to make sure that you do not start simply listing the skills that you used. A great way to help you to provide complete answers is to follow a set strategy. The STAR method provides a way for you to give clear- concise answers while also inserting your skills and abilities. There are three steps to the method:

  • 1. ST- the situation or task that must be addressed- or a clearly identified issue
  • 2. A- actions that were taken to resolve the identified issue
  • 3. R- results that brought about a positive resolution or change in the issue

Do Not Detail the Dissatisfaction. Though this question does ask about the dissatisfaction of workers- you should make sure that does not become the focal point of your answer. Some interviewees may subconsciously do this because focusing on the workers' dissatisfaction takes attention off of them; however- this can be detrimental. You want to make sure that the situation that caused the dissatisfaction is clear- but there is no need to detail the dissatisfaction itself. Instead- steer that effort towards detailing the tactics you used to inspire and lead the team.

Sample 'Describe How You Inspired and Led a Group of Dissatisfied Workers' STAR Interview Answer

In my current position I was assigned as the new lead on a project in which we had to develop the marketing campaign for a new small business. The project was already in progress; however- the previous team lead had been removed due to complaints from the team members. Since I had not previously worked with most of the group- I held a team meeting. I introduced myself and shared my goal for us to work as a team to complete the project- and I expressed that I would be working diligently alongside them to make sure that the project was a success. I asked them to express what issues they had been facing thus far- and after we discussed them we were able to come to a few resolutions. I expressed that I would be checking in with the team members to track the effectiveness of the proposed plans- and let them know they could come to me with any issues or suggestions. Once I began working alongside them as promised- the team was very receptive to working with me. We were able to complete the campaign- which is still being implemented in the business today.

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