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Do You Feel You Possess the Necessary Training?

Before they decide to hire you- employers must take a comprehensive look at your skills- certifications- and education level in order to make an informed decision. This need to examine qualifications means that you may encounter interview questions such as ‘Before you can make a productive contribution to the company- what degree of training do you feel you will require?’ The question may also be phrased as ‘Do you feel you have the necessary skills to perform this job?”

Regardless of how the question is phrased- you will need to have a professional and thought-out answer ready beforehand. If you are asked this particular question- the employer is attempting to gain a thorough understanding of your skills and education level. They may also be attempting to find out if you read the entire job posting since these postings usually include a list of desired skills and proficiencies. Read on to find out how to provide a satisfactory answer to one of the most feared interview questions.

How to Answer the ‘Before You Can Make a Productive Contribution to the Company- What Degree of Training Do You Feel You Will Require?’ Interview Question

Perform Research Before the Interview: Research via the internet to gain a better understanding of the skills and abilities the company looks for in employees. Be sure to read the job posting in its entirety as well. After this- make a list of the traits that you feel the company needs. This will prevent you from providing irrelevant information during the interview. Many workers fail to do this and destroy any chances they have of getting hired. Always research the company and the position before attending an interview.

Provide Context: Don’t simply respond ‘I think so’ or ‘Yes- I do.’ Responses of this nature do not provide enough background information- and will simply create an awkward silence. The interviewer is waiting for you to put your response in context. Provide details of your training as well as how you applied it in previous work or volunteer positions. This will show the interviewer that you understand what is expected of you and that you do possess the training to adequately perform the job. If you are a recent graduate or are switching careers- provide information about your academic performance and your understanding of the field.

Remain Honest: If you are in over your head- don’t attempt to answer the question with a ‘yes.’ Eventually you will more than likely need the required training in order to perform the job correctly- and if you assume a role you are not qualified for things will only end in disaster. If you lack training or experience in a certain area- say so. The interviewer will appreciate your honesty- and you may still get the job if you meet the other training requirements. Taking a job that you are not qualified for can lead to you being discharged – this can go on your record and make it difficult for you to find another job in the future.

Think Outside the Box: After expounding upon your skills and training- provide information about personal traits that can help you make a contribution. Before you enter an interviewers office there is a strong chance that he or she has already performed several interviews for the same position- with other candidates who may possess similar qualifications and training backgrounds. This means that you will need to use the question as an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Provide in-depth details about your training and personality so the interviewer understands what makes you unique.

Sample ‘Before You Can Make a Productive Contribution to the Company- What Degree of Training Do You Feel You Will Require?’ Interview Answers

1. I definitely feel that I possess the training and skills needed to successfully perform this job. I have a degree from XYZ University- where I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class. I also completed an internship at a prominent company- so I have firsthand experience in the field. That internship combined with my educational background has allowed me to gain the experience I need to adequately perform this job. I have also read the job description- and I feel that I possess the personal and professional abilities and proficiencies you are seeking. I am more than confident that I am qualified to assume this role.

2. Yes- I do believe that my prior training and experiences make me an excellent candidate for this particular job. I have extensive experience in this field- as well as a proven track record of performing exceptional work. In terms of education- I possess all of the necessary degrees and certifications- and I have a history of strong academic performance at all of the institutions I have attended. I have also completed company training courses throughout the years- so I have also improved upon many of my previously acquired skills. I most certainly have the training and experience needed to do this job.

You now understand how to answer one of the most intimidating interview questions in existence. Be sure to apply the information above during your next interview.