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Give Me an Example of Your Process When Having to Address Your Ideas in Writing

In most job interviews- the hiring manager has several types of questions on the agenda. At first- you may be asked detailed questions about the industry or the position. You could also be asked general questions about yourself and your goals. Finally- many employers assess your abilities by asking behavioral interview questions such as 'Give me an example of your process when having to address your ideas in writing.'

These questions are designed to give hiring managers a taste of what you could do for their company. Many times- these questions are used to give employers an idea of abilities such as teamwork- communication- problem-solving or leadership. A question like this one is used to evaluate your written communication skills and process. This question may also appear as 'Tell me about your written communication skills' or 'Give me an example of how your writing produced results for your organization.'

For this question and many others like it- it's important to be ready with an example that gives a hiring manager a sense of your writing abilities. This can be challenging if you don't prepare ahead of time. Another helpful piece of advice is to follow the STAR technique to give the interviewer a great response.

How to Answer the 'Give Me an Example of Your Process When Having to Address Your Ideas in Writing' Behavioral Interview Question

Talk About a Specific Project. When you are asked behavioral interview questions about your writing- it's important to cite specific projects you have worked on during your career. This can help show off your writing expertise and give the interviewer an understanding of your skills. Interviewers may be looking for people who have worked on projects with a narrow scope- so it's vital to research the position and company beforehand to get this insider info. You can then focus your answer on the kinds of writing the job demands.

Walk Through Your Writing Process. You can also demonstrate your top written communication skills by specifying your individual writing process. Start with a common writing task that you have worked on before. Then- discuss the ways you generate initial ideas. Next- talk about the way you begin to draft your ideas and the way you organize your thoughts. After your first draft- talk about how you edit your piece of writing or revise it- depending on the purpose. Finally- explain what you do when you're ready to send out or publish your projects.

Utilize Specifics From the Job Description. One of the best tips for answering any type of interview question is to constantly tie it back to the job description. You should develop a high level of understanding of everything in the job posting before your interview. Then- if you are asked about your writing process- you can refer to methods that are aligned with the job details. This can help prove to the employer that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Answer Like a STAR. The last important tip for behavioral questions is to line up your answer according to the STAR technique. This specific answering method breaks down the parts you should have in a successful response. Here is what you should do:

  • S – Begin with a situation where you needed to write something for your previous job. Be sure to explain what you were being asked to write.
  • T – The next step is to describe the writing task in more detail. Give information about the piece's purpose and audience.
  • A – Next, describe the actions you took in order to complete the writing task. Mention any challenges along the way.
  • R – The last thing to mention is the result of your writing. Talk about how your writing helped you gain an additional level of success.

Sample 'Give Me an Example of Your Process When Having to Address Your Ideas in Writing' STAR Interview Answer

I had to write an apology note to a customer. It was my job to make it sincere, and the goal was to make the client feel better about an extremely late order. The main purpose of this note was to keep this customer's business. I started by getting the order information from the account manager. Then, I looked up some details about the customer's industry and found out the customer's history with my organization. When I wrote the note, I personalized it with details about the customer's business and expressed our gratitude for a long history of business. I used my best persuasive writing techniques in order to sway this individual to stay with our company. A few weeks later, I learned that the customer was pleased with our response, and we continued to get new orders from them. I think I was successful because of my research ahead of time and the sincerity in my letter.

If you get asked behavioral interview questions about your communication skills, be ready with answers that show your abilities. Make sure you are ready to give thoughtful answers that show you are right for the job.

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