How Would You Describe Yourself?

One of the most frequently asked interview questions is "how would you describe yourself?" Now- you may not hear the question exactly like that. It can be reworded and asked in other forms such as "can you tell me about yourself?" You may be wondering why a hiring manager would ask you such a question during an interview- but there is a method to their madness. They are not wondering about where you were born or where you went to school. This is not a personal question in that sense. What hiring managers are really getting at are the characteristics and skills you have that could be beneficial for the particular position. That's right: they want to know if you're the one for the job. When answering- your very important task is to show them you are indeed qualified.

This question may seem difficult- but knowing what the hiring manager is looking for can make it much easier to answer. If you are stressing- the solution is to prepare. Get ready in advance in case you get asked to describe yourself. That way- you can come back with an exceptionally informative answer.

How to Answer the 'How Would You Describe Yourself' Interview Question

Be Relevant: Because hiring managers are trying to determine if you are a good candidate or not- now would be a good time to highlight your skills that are specifically used in the position. In order to do this- study the job description and see which skills and traits the company values most. From there- you choose your relevant skills and really emphasize them. For instance- if they need someone with out-of-this-world communication skills and they are one of your strong points- talk them up! The hiring manager will likely be impressed to hear that you've got what it takes to excel with the company.

Discuss Goals: Your goals are part of what defines you- so talking about them during the interview will be a good way to describe yourself. Make sure your own goals align with those of the company- because you want to keep this whole response completely relevant to the position you applied for. This means the goals can be personal- but they have to be related to the job. Now is not the time to talk about your goal to become really good at a particular sport- for example. While this is an excellent goal to have- a hiring manager will not really care about how good you are at basketball. They really want to know how you are going to benefit the company and how motivated you are to do so. Showing that you have goals you want to accomplish is an exceptional way to show that you are driven to pursue success.

Talk About Achievements: This is another good aspect to talk about when you are asked interview questions asking you to describe yourself. Just a short summary is necessary; you do not have to go into too much detail. Choose a specific achievement of yours and really highlight it. Make sure it is one that can be explained easily so you create a good understanding. In addition to that- make sure it is a specific accomplishment that shows you can really benefit the potential employer. In a description of yourself- discussing something wonderful you have done that really had an impact can be a great attention grabber.

Sample 'How Would You Describe Yourself' Interview Answers

1. I have been working in management positions for the past 10 years- and over that time I have really honed in on my leadership and organizational skills. Based on the job description- I understand that you seek a person with these abilities. Throughout my employment- I have been building and developing teams that excel at coming up with creative and complex solutions to problems. Continuing on my career journey- I would like to contribute to the company's success by being an outstanding team leader.

2. I thoroughly enjoy working with people- and my excellent communication skills have gotten me far in my customer service career. I have continuously been at the top of my team when it comes to outstanding customer service because of my ability to form connections with customers on a personal level and to provide the best assistance with decision making possible. For this next career step- I would like to utilize my communication and customer service skills to increase the number of consistent customers and exceed their expectations. I additionally have outstanding conflict resolution abilities- allowing me to work well with everyone I encounter.

Interview questions like this aren't so intimidating once you get to know how to provide the proper answer. Work on your own response and show hiring managers that you are the most ideal job candidate.

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