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What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?

What other companies are you interviewing with? is by far one of the most common interview questions out there- and it almost never fails to throw the interviewee in question for a loop. What if you're interviewing for competitors? Will that leave a bad impression? What it you're not interviewing for anyone else at all? Will that make an even worse impression? Don't fret too much about these details. Overall- employers are using this and similar interview questions to assess your interest and dedication in the field overall and their likelihood of attaining your services in the event they do decide to hire you- or even just scoping out the competition when it comes to raking in good employees. In the end- learning to answer according to your individual situation is what matters the most when it comes to generating a positive response from interviewers. This question might be a bit of a challenge- but by knowing what interviewers are looking for and preparing accordingly- you can formulate a reply that'll really help you stand out from other interviewees and increase your chance of obtaining the position in question.

How to Answer the 'What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With' Interview Question

Assess Your Position: While this sounds extremely basic- it's an important step to making a good impression on your interviewer. Knowing where you stand is the first- most crucial step in beginning to formulate a response that'll really give you a leg up over the competition. This involves doing some research before going into the interview. Are you interviewing for competitors? What about other industries? Are you not planning interviews with any other businesses at all? Each of these categories will have a monumental impact on how you address this question in order to make the best possible impression on potential employers in almost any industry.

Interviewing for Competitors: When you're asked "what other companies are you interviewing with?"- common sense might say that directly stating that you're looking to work for a competitor of the company you're interviewing with is bad. Common sense is right. In situations such as these- it's best to simply identify that yes- you are actively exploring options within this particular field and that you have a few interviews set up. More often than not- interviewers will not pry into this answer- which leaves you free to avoid any potential awkward silences. Adding in a snippet about really looking forward to the position for which you're currently interviewing or underlining your high hopes for obtaining the job in question never hurts and may give the interviewers an extra needed push to consider you even more closely. Knowing you're in demand elsewhere may just change their tune about your resume and interview a little in the coming days or weeks.

If You're Not Interviewing Elsewhere: Again- common sense dictates that you should not answer this question directly if you're not interviewing with anyone else. This can make it seem like you have some fault either in your resume or reputation that's preventing other companies from wanting you on their team. Instead- focus on a different aspect of the hiring process. Take this opportunity to talk more about the types of places you've been applying to and the types of employment you're really looking to find. This not only showcases your various skills and your perseverance- but also headlines your interest in the particular field and shows that you're truly dedicated to getting on board and making a change in whatever way your current skill set will allow. In any case- it's simply important to remember to underline your best qualities while emphasizing your interest in the position in question.

Sample 'What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With' Interview Answers

1. I've really just started my job search- but I've taken the opportunity to apply to several companies in this field which offer promising careers. I've really focused on businesses and job opportunities which will let me make the most of my writing and leadership skills- but I feel like this job is the one that will allow me to use them to the best of my ability and really reach my top potential. I always look forward to learning and growing professionally- and this company seems to have an excellent atmosphere for these values.

2. I'm interviewing at several companies involved in this field. I've really tried to keep an open mind throughout the whole process so I can explore my options more thoroughly and ensure I'm making the right decision for a long-standing future career. However- I feel that this company will provide me with the best opportunity to use and display my skills and talent. The position seems like it will help me really reach my full potential in the professional sphere while my skills continue to grow and strengthen.

This and other common interview questions don't have to intimidate you. With a little preparation- you are ready to strike back with an effective answer that is sure to land you the job.

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