What Suggestions Do You Have for Our Organization?

Some interview questions seem like they are intentionally meant to trap you- and one such question is- "What suggestions do you have for our organization?" You might also be asked something such as- "What recommendation do you have for our company to improve?"- or- "If you were running the company- what would you do differently?" There are a couple reasons why interviewers ask this- and it is important to answer it wisely.

First- hiring managers want to see that you have actually done your research. They want to see that you know a thing or two about the company and that you have thought about working there in-depth. The second reason why these interview questions are asked is for the interviewer to take a glance at your creativity. Perhaps there is something you noticed that the employer completely overlooked. Answering this question effectively really requires some foresight- so make sure you do your research before heading into the interview in order to be ready for this inquiry.

How to Answer the 'What Suggestions Do You Have for Our Organization' Interview Question

Do Not Be Overly Positive or Negative: Many job applicants skirt around answering this question by saying something along the lines of how great the company is doing and that there is nothing they would want to change. You might think this is the best route to take- but you do not want to come across as someone who has nothing to contribute to the growth of the organization. On the other hand- you do not want to trash talk the company. Try to find a middle ground. Mention how the company is doing really well- but that you noticed one minor thing that could be added or changed to make it even better.

Show Your Creativity: Naturally- you are not going to know how other interviewees are going to respond to this question- but you should do your best to think outside the box when responding to- "What suggestions do you have for our organization?" If you are interviewing for a retail store- perhaps you can recommend a product that is selling very well with other stores that the business could have in stock. Think about something you implemented at your last workplace that had very successful results. This is your chance to show what you would bring to the business should you get a job offer.

Your Response Does Not Need to Be Groundbreaking: Many people feel the need to reach for the stars and try to think of something that would put the company in question on the map. Bear in mind that you do not have the job yet. A reasonable hiring manager would not expect you to have a comprehensive strategy in place for how the business could grow exponentially with your ideas. It is perfectly acceptable to bring up a small point that may not make the company millions- but would still be advantageous to implement. Similar to your answer to all other interview questions- your response to this one should only be a minute or two minutes at the maximum. It is perfectly acceptable to talk about something minor you have noticed- and in fact- this will help you keep your suggestions nicely in between being excessively positive and excessively negative as mentioned above.

Sample 'What Suggestions Do You Have for Our Organization' Interview Answers

1. After having a walkthrough of the store and taking a look at your layout- I am very impressed with the wide range of products you offer. However- as I was doing research before the interview- I noticed that the store does not really have a presence on social media. There is a Facebook page that only gets updated once every few weeks. At my last store- we updated our page a couple of times every day- and our fans really seemed to like it. If I were to change anything- it would be to be more consistent on Facebook and create a Twitter page for an extra boost.

2. I noticed online that your bookstore is planning on opening a third location- so obviously the business is doing very well. While I think continuing what you are doing is definitely the right course of action to take- I did notice that this store in particular is severely lacking a young adult section. You only have a single shelf dedicated to YA titles- and you do not have some of the bigger franchises stocked. From my experience working at a bookstore in the past- YA novels are one of the biggest sellers- so my sole recommendation at the moment would just be to expand that section a bit more.

The 'What suggestions do you have for our organization' interview question is one of the most common inquiries you need to be ready for.

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