Why Do You Want to Live in the Company’s Geographic Area?

During a job interview- you may be asked- "why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?" Another way this question may be asked is- "tell me the pros and cons of living in this area-" or- "do you see yourself living in this area?" The real purpose of these interview questions is to gauge your interest in the position- and to see if an employer can picture you as part of the company.

In most situations- this type of question is used when there is a relocation possibility. If the job requires you to move to a different region of the country- interviewers must find out if you are going to be successful moving. If you want to travel and be a part of the company- you must answer with enthusiasm and confidence to show that you know what you're getting into. It's also important to display traits that prove you are going to find success in the new position.

How to Answer the 'Why Do You Think You Might Like to Live in the Community in Which Our Company is Located' Interview Question

Exhibit Excitement for the Opportunity: It's vital to demonstrate your passion for the industry and the specific company when you're presented with interview questions like- "why do you want to live in the company's geographic area?" Your goal when answering is to present an honest response that doesn't make the hiring manager feel you're being forced to move. Do some research about the geographic area and some of its main attractions and be positive when you talk about the things you're looking forward to. Most importantly- you must always drive the conversation back to what you can offer the organization. Make sure you stress how much you're looking forward to working in your new job- no matter where it is located.

Give Examples of Relocation: Another way to answer this type of question is to give examples of times when you've made a big geographic move. If you've had to make a big change in address for a specific job- it's time to tell that story. Talk about how you found success with a previous employer when you had to move to a different area. If you've never made a big move- you can use an example where you had to travel for an assignment. It's a good idea to give positive examples of how travel or journeys have helped you learn or grow as an employee.

Talk About Challenges You Overcame: Another thing that may be important to discuss is how you have overcome challenges in the past. An employer may be asking this question to see how well you adapt to a big change- and if you've never relocated before- this is one angle you can go with to answer sufficiently. Discuss a big challenge you have dealt with in your career with a previous employer- and then detail the steps you went through in order to address the issue. Talk about how you solved the problem- and then end with some key lessons learned from the process. Finally- connect the challenge with the task of moving to a new place- so the hiring manager can see the relevance.

Sample 'Why Do You Think You Might Like to Live in the Community in Which Our Company is Located' Interview Answers

1. In my previous employment- I was required to move three different times. For each instance- I found myself in a new location that provided me with a different perspective. I am excited to go on another journey to a new place with this organization- as I thrive with discovering new places. I am most excited about the prospect of bringing my expertise and my knowledge to your organization and helping you achieve even more goals. No matter where my work sends me- I look forward to new adventures doing what I love.

2. I am intrigued to find out more about the area where your company is located. I've heard a lot of great things about the football team- and I'm a huge sports fan. I love places that experience the variety of all four seasons- so it will be nice to have that. The truth is I'm most looking forward to going to work each day for your organization. Although moving to a new place is exciting- it's even more thrilling to me to start working on a new project. I'm also really looking forward to meeting all of the new members of the team I may be working with and finding out about them. I love the prospect of change- and I can't wait to start making my mark on your company.

Now that you've gotten some helpful tips about how to approach these interview questions- the next thing to do is start thinking of your specific answer. If you're ready to make a big change- show this to the interviewer- so he or she can begin to consider you as a top candidate.

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