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Would It Be a Problem for You to Relocate?

Some job interviewers may bring up the subject of moving with the question of- “would it be a problem for you to relocate?” You can also be asked about your location preferences with interview questions such as- “tell me what your location preference is-” or- “how do you feel about relocating?” If you hear these questions during an interview- then it probably means there are opportunities for travel or positions in other locations.

The employer may also use this question to get a better idea of how much you want the position. Finding out if a potential applicant is willing to relocate to a different city is one way that interviewers can get a better reading on someone’s flexibility and interest in the job. If the job is something that is really important to you- and relocation is not a deal breaker- then you should certainly express your willingness to move for your work.

How to Answer the ‘Would It Be a Problem for You to Relocate’ Interview Question

Express Interest in Relocating: If you are interested in moving to a new place and you get asked this question- you may be getting a great opportunity. The hiring manager may be more likely to consider your candidacy for the job when you indicate relocation flexibility. Those individuals who are able to move to another location can take advantage of that fact when asked interview questions like this. If you are in this situation- make sure you enthusiastically indicate that you’d love to travel. You can tell the interviewer about your past experiences with traveling for your previous employer- if you have any. If you have success in being part of a new location of a business- you should talk about how you managed to work through the challenges associated with opening something brand new.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do: While for some people- a question asking about an assignment somewhere else can be exciting- other job candidates may not want to move away. Even if you have finally gotten an interview with the company of your dreams- it’s important to be realistic about whether you can relocate. If you are unable to move for work- you must answer honestly. If you say no to the possibility of relocating- that doesn’t always mean you are disqualified from consideration. Depending on the position and the company- there may be plenty of local offerings available. Whatever your response- don’t forget to make sure you talk about how well your skills and talents match the position- so you can still show that you want the job.

Try to Focus on What You Can Offer: Finally- if you’re not sure if you’d relocate- express that you would consider moving to a new city- depending on the job position and details. You can give a few conditions of your willingness by stressing you’d like to stay in a specific regional area that may not be as far away. Next- try to craft your interview answer with details about how much you want to work for the company. Leave the hiring manager with the ways you can help the company become even better by talking about your past experiences and achievements.

Sample ‘Would It Be a Problem for You to Relocate’ Interview Answers

1. If my career path takes me to another city or another country- then I would strongly consider the option. I believe that I can be most effective in the local area- however- and I would love to get the chance to show this company what I can do. I have many great industry contacts in this area that could be extremely helpful in this position- and I think I can make more things happen for this organization in this region. If there is a strong need for me to transfer to another location- I would be open to the possibility.

2. Working in this industry is the most important thing- and location isn’t something that makes a big difference to me. If I am asked to bring my talents and skills to your company in this area- I would be thrilled at the opportunity. If my employer asked me to move to a different region- I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I have had some experience opening a new office with my previous employer. In that situation- we were expanding the brand into a new region. My supervisor picked me to represent the company and take the lead on the new project. It was a great experience- and I learned a lot about how to adapt to a new situation and make things work.

Once you’ve thought about what your feelings are regarding such interview questions- it’s time to come up with your practice answers. Don’t be afraid to communicate honestly with the hiring manager so he or she can get a better understanding of how you could fit with the company’s objectives.