4 Job Search Mistakes That Can Hold You Back

4 Job Search Mistakes That Can Hold You Back 

While you invest everything you have in your job search, make sure you don't run full speed into any of the obstacles below. Some job search mistakes fall into the category of oversight and omission; they happen when job seekers neglect opportunities or fail to follow through on leads. But by contrast, the mistakes listed below tend to take place when enthusiasm rises and discretion and careful attention fall by the wayside. These can happen when you're doing too much, too fast, and biting off more than you can effectively chew. If you see yourself committing these blunders, just slow down pay closer attention to your actions.

1. Coming off as desperate.

There's nothing wrong with showing interest in a specific open position. But as you do so, be clear with your recruiters and employers: you want THIS position, not just any position. And you only want it if the needs of the company align with your own needs and your own career plans. During the interview process, ask as many questions as you answer, and don't reflexively say yes to every single request and demand. Think first. Employers will probably respect you a little more if you pause before volunteering your services, bending over backwards to please and impress, or agreeing to a contract before you've read the terms.

2. Blanketing the landscape with resumes.

If you're like most job seekers, the rhythm of your search will be guided by your moods. You'll have days when every position you encounter seems absolutely perfect for you, and days when every opportunity seems like a mismatch, an impossible reach, or a disappointment. It's okay to fluctuate with these rhythms, sending five resumes one day and fifty the next. But on the days when you feel like sending fifty, watch out. It's easy to get drawn into a dialogue with an interested employer who's wrong for you on every level.

3. Refusing to budge.

You don't want to settle for anything less than perfection. AND you don't want an employer who isn't willing to accept you as you are. You don't plan to paste on a fake smile or jump through hoops for anyone. And when it comes to hiding your tattoos, cutting your hair, apologizing for your career history, apologizing for who you are, or allowing yourself to be put on the defensive, you have only one answer: Nope. But no matter how unwilling you are to adopt a "fake" persona or misrepresent your interests, remember: there's always a middle ground. If you relax, lighten up, and focus on big picture, you'll find a way to be yourself while also landing a job that can help you move forward.

4. Going it alone.

Job seekers often like tackle their biggest challenges in solitude; after all, failure can be easier to accept if you keep your plans to yourself and don't announce your intentions to the world. But if you're writing and drafting your resume all by yourself and scheduling your interviews without telling anyone, you may be missing out on emotional support, perspective, and editing help that keep you motivated, on track, and out of trouble. Sharing your struggle can require courage—but sometimes the courageous and difficult path is the more direct path to success.

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