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4 Reasons to Connect with a Staffing Agency

As you tackle your job search, you're turning over every stone and taking advantage of every resource at your disposal. You've already turned to MyPerfectResume for resume help (smart move!) and you're relying on your professional network for leads, advice, recommendations, and other forms of career support. But have you considered another, often overlooked outlet—A professional staffing agency? Staffing agencies were once viewed as a resource for young people stepping into temporary clerical jobs, like typing and secretarial work. But those days are long gone, and most staffing and recruiting firms now target professional job seekers and hiring manager clients in industries like healthcare, engineering, IT, hospitality, and education administration.

The target demographic for these firms is also undergoing a shift; while younger workers and recent graduates benefit greatly from the support of staffing agencies, baby boomers are now turning to these services more than ever before. Here are a few key reasons to contact a staffing agency if you're a professional candidate over the age of 45.

1. They're waiting for you.

Baby boomers now make up a large percentage of the job seeking population—often due to the cutbacks and contractions of the recent economic downturn. Older workers were laid off in large numbers during the worst part of the slowdown, and these laid off employees have struggled to find full-time positions with new employers. Staffing experts know this, and they know how to pair experienced older workers with leadership positions in a wide range of industries.

2. Temporary staffing means low risk.

If you're only looking for a temporary or part time position, a staffing agency can help you find something that fits your schedule. If you're looking for a full time permanent job, the agency can pair you with an employer on a contract basis; if you work together for 60 to 90 days and you both recognize a match, the employer can take you on according agreed-upon terms. If you don't feel a match, the agency can simply shift you to another assignment.

3. Professional staffing experts are great listeners.

When you sit down for a consultation with a staffing expert, be clear about your terms. Explain your preferred salary range, your proficiency levels with various skill sets, your experience and your specific goals and ambitions. Provide an updated, well-written, perfectly-formatted copy of your resume. It's in the agency's best interests to offer a position that works for you.

4.  Staffing agencies have a wider network than you do.

You may know plenty of people, and you may have gathered a huge crowd of friends, followers, social media contacts and supporters… but many names as you have on your list, staffing agencies have more. Profit from breadth and depth of the agency's reputation and years in the business.

Before you start working with a staffing agency or professional recruiter, you'll need to schedule an interview…and to keep your interview meaningful and effective, you'll need a strong resume. Turn to MyPerfectResume for the tools that can help you take the first step.

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