4 Tips That Prove You’re the Best Candidate for the Job

4 Tips That Prove You're the Best Candidate for the Job

The minute you laid eyes on the post, you knew you were the perfect candidate for this role. There's never been a better match in the entire history of the working world. You hold every single credential these employers are looking for, but more important: every responsibility and challenge involved in this job meshes perfectly with your passions and interests. And not only that, but this job and the exposure it provides will help you move forward toward your long-term career goals.

So how can you share this information with your future employers? You know you're the right match, but how can you make sure they know it too? Try these moves.

1. Just say so.

Let your excitement drive your message. Most candidates will begin their cover letters by simply stating the position they're applying for and how they found out about it. But if you have more you'd like to add, or you'd like to launch your message with a tone that matches the feelings in your heart, go for it. Break some rules. Start your letter with a quick statement that lets your readers know you're not fooling around. You're not sending a mass mailing. And you're not applying for this job because you have bills to pay. This is your destiny.

2. Invite your readers to share in your excitement.

Paint a picture for your readers. Show them a vision of the near future the way you see it, and invite them to share your feeling, whatever it may be. This is a classic sales technique, but in order to execute it properly, you'll need to understand what kind of future world your readers are looking for. That's where the next step comes in handy.

3. Do some research.

Explore the company website and learn as much as you can about this organization and its mission, and do this before you start writing. While most of your other applications will involve just a quick glance, actually spend some serious time with this one. The time you spend exploring this company's culture and background will come through in the tone of your message.

4. Know that your resume will be one of many.

You have the required credentials for this job, and that's great. But plenty of other applicants will have these things as well. Look beyond your degree in accounting or your summer internship, and try to identify what you have to offer that no other applicant will have. What special skills do you bring to the table? And if you can't think of any concrete skills that set you apart, then what do you have in terms of personal traits? Or ambitions that perfectly align with this company's long term plans? Think carefully…you have something special, and you know it. You just have to identify your unique gift and explain it to your potential employers.

A Great Resume Lights a Spark

Remember that your employers are just as eager to find you as you are to find them. They want the perfect candidate…you are the perfect candidate. You'll just need to make this clear. Visit MyPerfectResume for personal help and support.

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