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5 Great Reasons to Find a New Job This Year

5 Great Reasons to Find a New Job This Year

Are you ready to reach for the next rung of the professional ladder? Are you ready to escape from the gravitational pull of the status quo, break out of your predictable orbit, and hurl off into the new and unknown? Are you ready for a career change—even a small one? If you've been thinking about finding a new job but you aren't sure the time is right, here are five great reasons to get moving. If any of these apply to your situation, we have some news for you: This is your year, and it's time to move forward.

1.  You requested a raise or promotion and you were denied.

You did your research, made your best case, and told your boss exactly what you need. And your boss said no. She had all kinds of reasons and excuses, and they all sounded reasonable: The company just can't afford it. You worked hard this past year, but you didn't work quite hard enough. Or the classic: You're lucky we keep you here in the first place. No matter the excuses, you're the one who decides how much you're worth and how fast you progress. And if your company can't provide what you need, it's time to go.

2.   You're doing the same things over and over.

You know exactly what the year ahead will look like—down the day—and you're not interested in playing this movie all over again. If you've learned everything you can expect to learn from this job and you're eager for new forms of exposure and experience, start raising your antennae and exploring other options.

3.  You don't feel inspired anymore.

You used to love this work, and you remember the passion you felt during your first year in this workplace. Back then, you tossed and turned all night worrying about the fate of this company and its clients. But at this point, those days are long over. This job is just a paycheck as far as you're concerned, and you'd like to bring back that lost sense of connection and commitment.

4.  You're starting to dream bigger.

At first, you gained a sense of accomplishment by simply keeping up with your boss's expectations. You felt extreme satisfaction when you stayed on top of your overflowing inbox and managed to avoid being fired. But now you're starting to set higher and wider goals. If you picture yourself making a big move—either vertically to a senior position or laterally to another aspect of the industry—now may be the perfect time. But you won't be able to seize opportunities if you don't know what's available.

5.  You're changing…but your industry isn't.

You know that it's possible to outgrow tastes in music and fashion. And you've outgrown plenty of pursuits that once drove your every move—from jazz trombone to Pan-Asian cooking. It's possible—and in fact quite common—to outgrow a profession or an industry. If this business isn't what you thought it was back in your starry-eyed twenties, it's okay to move on. You spend a third of your life at work; when you change as a person, your profession should change as well.

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