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Daylight Savings Time: How to Use Your Extra Hour to Help Your Job Search

This year, daylight savings time will take place on November 1 at 2:00 AM, and since it's fall, we'll be falling back by sixty minutes, and we'll all gain a precious extra hour of time during the day. (Technically, we'll be regaining the hour we lost in the spring, but who's keeping score?)

What will you be doing with your extra hour? Will you be sleeping? Will you be catching up on your favorite shows? Will you be doing absolutely nothing at all? If you're on the job market, you better believe that some of your competitors will be doing exactly that, so consider taking advantage of this extra time and getting some important items crossed off your job search list. Let everyone else snooze the morning away while you move one hour closer toward your goals.

Each of the tasks below take less than one hour to complete, so start with these and you'll be on your way to the next chapter of your career.

  1. Send an email.

One hour will give you plenty of time to review your contacts list, find someone who can give you some advice, and reach out to that person via a short, warm, professional email message. Who should you contact? Anyone. But start with a former boss, a potential mentor, or someone who works in the industry who might be willing to sit with you for an informational interview. You can also reach out to a previous coworker to reconnect over coffee. Ask if you can set up an in-person meeting, or just say hello. Pick someone, draft your message, and click send. Ready, set, go.

  1. Make a phone call.

Of course you won't be making your phone call at 2:00 in the morning, but any time between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM will be just fine. Apply the same guidelines you would use for your email; be polite and respectful and ask for advice, not favors. If you have to leave a voice message, that's fine. Check this one off your list.

  1. Scan an industry-specific job board.

Not sure what that means or where to find one? Go to Google and type in "open positions in (your industry)". Add the geographic region of your job search. Chances are, you'll find a few obscure job listings you wouldn't have seen otherwise. Explore them for an hour and see what you can dig up.

  1. Change three things about your resume.

Find a typo. Rewrite a sentence for clarity. Add an accomplishment or skill set that you've previously overlooked. Remove a boring, hollow, or meaningless phrase.

  1. Delete four words from your cover letter.

Tighten your message by finding at least four words that you don't need. Choose buzzwords, adverbs, redundancies, or anything else that doesn't belong.

  1. Research a target company.

Job seekers are often instructed to "research the company" before submitting a resume. But who actually has the time to do this? Thanks to the magic of daylight savings, you do! You now have a whole hour to spend digging up potentially useful information about the next employer you intend to pursue. Brew some coffee and start searching.

Approach your extra hour with energy and ambition and get one step closer to your job search goals! While you're at it, explore the resume and cover letter creation tools on MyPerfectResume.

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