Eight Free Services that can Move Your Job Search Forward

Are you looking for a few simple ways to boost your job search results and get more mileage out of every hour you invest in the process? If so, you're not alone. Time saving tools can be especially valuable if you're searching for a new job while still holding down a full-time gig, raising a family, or dealing with any other draining demands on your time and budget. Here are a few services, apps and information portals that help you find a shortcut through the paperwork, networking, scheduling, and planning that stand between you and your amazing new job.


Visit Glassdoor.com and explore one of the most trusted and comprehensive sites in the job search marketplace. Glassdoor is best known for its salary guidelines and comparison tools, which can help you stand on firm footing while negotiating an offer. The site also provides some lesser-known benefits, like reviews of a wide range of companies and employers. Make sure you're chasing a company that will treat you well and provide the advancement opportunities and positive workplace you need.

Linkedin Job Search Tools

You may already know that Linkedin offers a great place to post your profile and make it visible to potential employers, but you may not know that the site is constantly expanding and improving its job search tools. Explore a host of open positions that are targeted to your profile.

LiveCareer's Resume Check Tools

LiveCareer, which prides itself on its super simple resume builder and host of career services information, now offers a great feature that reviews your resume and evaluates it for 20 different elements, like the strength of your message, length and grammar/spelling.


Old-fashioned business cards are still widely used, but sometimes it's just not convenient to hand an actual paper card to someone at a party or networking venue. CardDrop allows you to share and exchange cards digitally, which makes them easier to hold onto and remember.


Before you starting attending interviews or getting your networking game on, you'll need to create a pitch that summarizes your offerings in a quick, memorable sound bite. Draft and record your 30 second elevator pitch after reviewing this site's recommendations and guidelines, then upload your pitch and receive feedback from the community.

My Interview Simulator

My Interview Simulator is a relatively new tool that can provide dozens of likely interview questions in different voices. The site can give you a chance to practice your responses, and it can also prepare you for the kinds of skill-based and behavioral questions your employers are likely to ask.


Of course your job search won't get very far without a brilliant resume! Use MyPerfectResume's drafting, formatting, and editing tools to create a beautiful document that separates you from the competition and leaves a lasting impression with recruiters and hiring managers. Visit the site and start your resume creation process today!

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