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Read Between the Lines: Job Post Red Flags

Some people believe that luck is a myth, and that joy and misery are completely within our control. At
the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many who believe our lives are governed by the lucky or
unlucky circumstances that befall us and our tendency to arrive at exactly the right (or wrong) place at
exactly the right (or wrong) time.

Here at MyPerfectResume, we've learned that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Many miserable
and happy employees have arrived in their current state through no action of their own. But many
others are happy because they had the power to read the subtle signs hidden all around them and
recognize when to plunge ahead and when to change course.

Far too often, miserable jobs and failed careers are simply the result of mismatches between employer,
employee, and position. And if employees can spot the signs of a mismatch before it's too late, they can
steer in another direction, keeping their lives on track toward "luck", happiness, and success. Here are a
few red flags to watch out for during your job search.

1. Carelessly written job posts

If employers can't take the time to ensure that a job post is well written and free of typos and spelling
errors, they probably don't care very much about the position. And if they don't care about the position,
it may mean that they don't intend to pay their new employee very much, value his work, or treat him
with personal respect. Of course, an error-ridden job post may mean nothing at all…but wise job seekers
will take note of this subtle warning.

2. A job post that seems angry or aggressive

Great employers demonstrate clear professionalism in every one of their communications with clients,
customers, vendors, and potential employees. If a posted position seems more like an angry rant than
an advertisement, steer clear. Watch out for too many phrases in all caps and rude demands, for
example: "Candidates with (insert detail) NEED NOT APPLY" or "candidates MUST HAVE (insert detail) or

3. Job posts that are very vague

The company needs a "real go-getter" with "energy and attitude to spare" and a "hunger for success".
To land this job, you need a "will to win" and an "innovative spirit". But what do these phrases actually
mean? If you can't really tell what the position entails or how the job will serve the company's larger
business model, keep searching.

4. Jobs that lead careers off course

If you're serious about your specific career ambitions, don't apply for (or accept) a job that will draw you
off track. If this job isn't exactly what you're looking for over the long term—or even close—keep
searching. You'll find a more appropriate match soon enough.

5. Jobs that require too much or too little

If the employer respectfully and professionally lists the required credentials for the position and you
simply don't have more than half of them, don't apply. The same rule works in reverse; if you can clearly
see that this job will bore you and hold you back, have the patience and determination to keep looking
until you find something more appropriate.

For more on how to find, pursue, and land the job that's right for you, visit MyPerfectResume today.

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