5 Types of Resumes that Leave the Competition Behind

Some resumes simply shine a little brighter than others. And sometimes the success of a resume has nothing to do with the specific credentials and qualifications of a given candidate. Experienced hiring managers are all familiar with the feeling that comes from connecting with a resume and leaning toward a candidate, even when that candidate's practical background differs very little from the background of every other applicant. Here are five resumes that tend to generate this instinctive feeling. Is yours on the list?

1. The resume that's almost TOO honest

Effective resumes are always honest, and exaggerated boasts and overstated accomplishments rarely win the day. But there's a certain type of resume that's so honest, it's actually charming. In fact, it's magnetic. There's something fearless about a candidate who simply tells her story and describes her goals without any embellishment at all. Fearlessness inspires confidence, and this cool, collected focus makes the other resumes in the pool seem breathless and desperate by comparison.

2. The resume from a candidate who genuinely wants this specific job

If you can make the case that this job is the perfect job for you, than you'll grab and hold the attention of your reviewers. If you really feel passionate about this type of work and this position will make you feel fulfilled, challenged, and happy all the way to the core, then you'll probably accept it if it's offered. And if you're hired, you'll probably stay for a long time. And you'll probably strive to excel on your own, without requiring too much expensive coaching and training. All of these will be a great benefit to your employers.

3. The resume that's elegantly written

There's a difference between a grammatically correct resume and a resume that actually reaches a higher level of linguistic confidence and competence. Yes, this candidate knows how to spell correctly and use the semicolon properly. But she also knows how to convey a complex thought in a short, clear, relevant line of beautifully crafted text.

4. The resume that breaks the rules

This candidate doesn't care about toeing the line or obeying the resume police. She just wants the job, and she sees the resume as the means to an end. She makes it clear that she's right for the job, and she doesn't care if she stands or gains attention for the wrong reasons. As a result, she'll definitely stand out, and as long as she's professional and qualified, she'll probably be hired.

5. The resume that offers something others can't

This resume tends to stop the review process on the spot. Candidates who can offer a rare or hard-to-find skill set—especially one that's so rare employers don't even expect it and consider it a "plus" instead of a requirement—then she'll be called for an interview immediately. Hiring managers will want to grab the phone and get this candidate in the door before their competitors do.

Start Your Search With a Strong Resume

If your resume meets just one of the criteria listed above, you'll be giving yourself a strong advantage. And if it meets all of them, then you'll be well on your way to promising new position. Visit MyPerfectResume for tips and guidance.

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