How to Write the Perfect Resume to Avoid Age Discrimination

Many older jobseekers are struggling to get interviews due to the quiet problem of age bias against those who may appear close to retirement. You can help eliminate this issue from coming up if you use the perfect resume tips to guide your writing process.

1. Companies – Apply to Smaller Organizations

One thing to do to improve your chances of getting hired, despite your age, is to consider applying to smaller organizations. Small businesses may welcome the opportunity to hire someone with your extensive history.

2. Resources – Use Community Career Centers for Help

Another way to get more results is to try getting help from your community's career centers. Many college campuses allow community members to get helpful resume and job hunting advice.

3. Networking – Expand Your Web of Industry Contacts

Many older applicants have found luck through who they know. Expand your network of contacts to get access to a new opportunity.

4. Consulting – Try Going for Independent Contractor Opportunities

There are also job options for those who want to give contracting or consulting work a try. This may be the perfect place to demonstrate your valuable talents.

5. Resume Refreshers – Make Sure Your Resume Follows Current Trends

Then, aim to refresh your skills to make it the perfect resume. Review current resume trends to avoid having your document reveal your age.

6. Job History – Avoid Going Too Far Back in Time

Keep your work history current by only including information from the past 10 years or so. Avoid giving information about jobs you held long ago.

7. Technology – Demonstrate Your Digital Know-How

Show off your ease with technology by including a link to your social media account. You can also demonstrate your expertise by listing digital competencies in your skill section.

8. Dates – Leave Out Obvious Clues That Show Your Age

Then, go through your resume and remove any dates that reveal your age. You may need to leave out your college graduation year or other noteworthy moments.

9. Certifications – Update Your Industry Credentials

Review the certifications you hold, and consider updating your skills to be more current. A fresh list of industry certifications on your resume can show how much you are capable of for a potential job opportunity.

10. File Type – Optimize Your Resume Format

Lastly, don't forget to focus on your electronic file type when sending your resume. Follow all of the application's directions, and avoid technical snafus that hint at your advanced age.

Go the Extra Mile

After scrubbing your resume clean of revealing dates and adding industry essentials to show your strong suitability for a job, you can focus on a few extras to help get yourself closer to the perfect resume. You may have a vast number of previous accomplishments and duties from your work history to choose from when creating this section. Focus on the most relevant details to customize your resume for a specific job or field.

You can also opt to include information about skills you most enjoy completing to give yourself a better chance of landing a preferred position. Make your accomplishments even more impressive by using measurable quantities whenever possible, like number of people, dollars, percentages and frequency.

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