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Your Transferable Skills in the Casino Industry Might Qualify You for These Other Roles

People often use gaming as a means of fun and escape from their everyday lives, reveling in the thrill of winning. But there aren't many winners right now as casino workers in food services, housekeeping, hotels, maintenance, security and gaming, were suddenly out of work having been dealt a losing hand.

The coronavirus forced gaming establishments to close because of social distancing rules, even the house could not win. The 1.8 million workers who were employed in an industry with $41 billion in annual revenue, are hoping to get back in the game as some states are slowly opening for business.

But for now they are among the more than 30 million unemployed workers left in the carnage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the 989 casinos in the United States will likely remain closed until at least mid-May, resulting in a loss of $43.5 billion in economic activity.

Fortunately, workers in casino gaming have a lot of transferable skills that can be used in other businesses such as pharmacies, grocery stores and delivery services. We pulled together a resource that can help unemployed workers find meaningful employment. Below are stories on the various professions employ in gaming:

For workers tied closely to gaming operations, we'll explain how to showcase those talents and draw the attention of employers so that you get a leg up on the competition.

Transferable skills and training to emphasize on your resume

"Transferable skills" are those skills you gained as a gaming worker that other employers will find valuable.

You have hard skills, technical skills and even soft skills such as communication, collaboration and problem-solving. In a resume, you will draw an employer's interest by emphasizing these talents, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Further, any relevant training or certifications will also be valuable to another organization.

Here's what you need to think about putting in your resume to attract the attention of other employers:

Hard and technical skills: Hard skills, including the ability to handle cash transactions and keep cash drawers balanced, documenting customer information and verifying accuracy, complying with federal regulations. Technical skills, including familiarity with various security protocols and software, strong math skills

Soft skills: Customer service, conflict resolution, communication, collaboration, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, dependability

Certifications and training: Customer relations training, security protocol training, hospitality-related certifications such as the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)

Education: If you have a degree that could apply to other industries, such as a bachelor's in hospitality, communications or business, then add that to your resume. Or, if you've taken additional coursework in management or finance, be sure to include that coursework as well. Gaming certificates should be listed under a separate header.

These industries are hiring people with your skills

If you were a gaming dealer, teller, casino shift manager, game tester, customer support representative, gaming analyst or general manager, you might be qualified for these roles.

  • Bank teller (for example, at a financial institution like Chase)
  • Sales associate (for example, in essential retail like Walmart)
  • Grocery store clerk (for example, at Kroger)
  • Cashier (for example, at a drugstore like CVS)
  • Server (for example, at a hospital)
  • Food delivery driver (for example, as a driver for Grubhub or Pizza Hut)
  • Warehouse associate (for example, at Amazon)

If you were in security, including security officer, surveillance agent, you might be qualified for these roles:

  • Security guard (for example, at a security company like Allied Universal)
  • Store surveillance worker (for example, at WalMart)

How to apply for these roles and what you'll need

When applying in person, you will need to have a current resume that highlights your relevant skills, a current email and phone number, and identification such as a driver's license or passport.

If you're applying online, you will also need a current email address and phone number and an up-to-date resume that reflects the skills the employer is seeking.

An employer may also request a cover letter, which is a good opportunity to briefly outline why you're a good fit for the job and you want to work for the employer.

How to find these jobs in your community:

How to create a resume that will capture an employers' attention

While there is a flurry of hiring activity for many essential employers and a scramble by the unemployed to grab those jobs, that doesn't mean you should cut corners and not deliver a top-notch resume and cover letter. By putting more effort into a resume that targets the areas that are unique to the job at hand, highlighting your skills in the resume and honing in on your transferable skills, you will stand out from the competition.

In addition, a cover letter that addresses why you want the job and why you're a good fit will make a more personal connection to the hiring manager and make you more memorable from the hundreds of other applicants.

Text resume example: A slot attendant applying for a bank teller role

Name: Zack Ramirez
Address: Las Vegas, NV 89012
Phone: (555) 555-5555
Email: example@example.com

Summary Statement:  Committed Slot Attendant adept at handling currency exchanges and notifying the security department to escort winning patrons and maintain security standards. Well-versed in dispatching repair technicians immediately to fix out-of-order machines.

Summary of Skills:

  • Listened effectively and used issue resolution skills to efficiently handle all guest complaints. 
  • Knowledgeable about diagnosing technical problems and troubleshooting machine malfunctions. 
  • Handled currency conversions into correct combinations of bills and coins to serve casino patron needs

Key Skills: 

  • Accurate money handling
  •  Slot machine operations
  •  Troubleshooting problems 
  • Repairing machines
  •  Documentation skills 
  • Security support

Work History

Slot Attendant
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

  • Patrolled slot machine areas to identify patrons not complying with gaming rules and resolve concerns through prompt correction or removal. 
  • Identified issues with malfunctioning slot machines and reported devices to the maintenance department for service. 
  • Advised security guards to accompany patrons with large slot payouts to rooms or vehicles.

Guest Attendant
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

  • Assisted guests by furnishing information and directions to various areas of property including casino, gift shop and dining areas. 
  • Greeted guests at front desk and engaged in pleasant conversations while managing check-in process. 
  • Promoted local entertainment and sporting events and offered details to assist patrons.

Reno, NV
11/2010– 6/2013

  • Checked prices for customers and processed items sold by scanning barcodes.
  • Reviewed and resolved differences between accounting information and cash drawer.
  • Reconciled cash drawer at start and end of each shift, accounting for errors and resolving discrepancies.

Education & Training

Associate of Applied Science: Gaming Technology
Universal Technical Institute of Nevada
Reno, NV

IGT Certificate in Electronic Gaming Machines

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