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Office Coordinator Cover Letter Example + Tips

Writing a unique cover letter can significantly increase your chances of being asked to come in for an interview. When you expand on your resume by relating your industry-specific accomplishments, you highlight why you are the best candidate for the position. Read this free office coordinator cover letter sample and the helpful tips that follow to see how yours can be taken to the next level.

Dear Ms. Townsend,

As a trustworthy and reliable office coordinator, I believe I am the perfect fit for the position at Pacific Star Industries. During my 11 years of extensive work in administrative roles, I developed expertise in drafting correspondences, creating briefings, and making agendas for meetings and events. In addition to my personal qualities, I have a passion for nonprofit office support.

I am a highly proficient organizer with excellent bookkeeping and clerical abilities. Also, I am skilled in general office duties including phone management, mail distribution, file maintenance, and travel arrangements. Working with executives, clients, and colleagues has enabled me to utilize my first-rate organizational talents.

The ability to work under pressure is noted in the job posting. My excellent communication skills and calm nature allow me to work well under pressure, and I am adept at ordering supplies and controlling inventory to ensure efficient office workflow. I have expertise in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word, which helps me manage office operations smoothly.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming a team member at your company. Please review my attached resume for additional details of my career achievements and accomplishments. It contains my contact information, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your kind consideration.

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What to Include in an Office Coordinator Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter doesn’t just restate what you include in your resume. Your cover letter needs to offer unique and compelling information. Another helpful tip provided in the free office coordinator cover letter sample is to keep your letter to a single page. List details of your experiences, borrow language from the job description, add a statement of appreciation in the conclusion, and address a particular person or company in the opening.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Tailoring your cover letter to your target audience is necessary, and this free office coordinator cover letter sample is a valuable example of how to incorporate skills into your experiences. Here are some of the qualities that are essential for office coordinators. You should consider adding them to your cover letter.

● Communication skills: Much of an office coordinator’s time is spent working with other people, so communication is an essential quality.
● Analytical: You must be able to analyze procedures and determine methods for improving efficiency.
● Leadership: In coordinating administrative duties, office coordinators need to be able to handle any issues that arise.
● Detail-oriented: You must pay attention to details, from ensuring that the organization is compliant to managing the process of buying supplies.


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