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Crew Chief Cover Letter Example + Tips

A well-written and engaging cover letter can be just the thing that lands you a job, especially if you pair it with an excellent resume. A cover letter gives you the chance to expand on the information in your resume and to lend a personal touch to that data. Specificity helps, so be sure to tailor the letter to your industry when possible. To get a better idea of what to write, consult the free crew chief cover letter sample below as well as the tips section that follows.

Dear Mr. Whittington,

I believe I am the perfect fit for the crew chief job posted on your company’s website. My credentials include 10 years of experience as an emergency medical technician in Roanoke, Virginia. I stepped in as interim crew chief on more than a few occasions as well.

The job posting states the need for a crew chief experienced in leadership, emergency treatment techniques, and ambulance driving. My ongoing education includes modules on leadership in stressful situations and on topics such as diabetic emergency care, chest trauma, spinal motion restriction, and pediatric seizures.

Last year was one of the times I served as interim crew chief, and I worked with the crew for nearly a month to facilitate efficient and effective services. In addition, my driving record is spotless. I am passionate about delivering quality care in a timely manner, so I admire your company’s continual efforts to evaluate its services. I grew up in Bristol and visit the area frequently to see family, so I am very familiar with the city’s layout and road system.

My credentials coupled with the fact that we both share a mission to provide the best care possible make me think we could have a fruitful relationship. I hope we can discuss matters further in an interview, and I appreciate the time you have taken to read this letter.

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What to Include in a Crew Chief Cover Letter

A cover letter needs to include a few things, as this free crew chief cover letter sample indicates. First, it is best to address the letter to a person by name rather than by a generic term such as “Whom it concerns.” Further, it is good to connect qualifications requested in the job description to the skills and expertise you can provide. In closing, thank the recipient for his or her time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free crew chief cover letter sample can be a great starting point for your own letter. As always, though, use specific job descriptions as indicators of the information you should include. Generally, employers like their ambulance crew chiefs to have the following skills.

● Local knowledge: Crew chiefs drive ambulances and must have in-depth knowledge of where they are going.
● Physical fitness: Crew chiefs need to lift as much as 100 pounds at a time.
● Communication: Keeping in touch with fellow crew members and dispatch is critical.
● Medical knowledge: Education in anatomy and physiology is required.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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