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Department Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

You have likely spent a lot of time writing your resume, but you need to spend an equal amount of time ensuring your cover letter is at the same level of quality. This is where you can really get into the finer details of what makes you the ideal candidate for this job. If you do not know where to start, take a look at this free department manager cover letter sample.

Dear Ms. Krecklow,

For years I have worked as a manager at Harrison’s. Now I am ready to take my expertise to Prince’s Home Goods to help every employee achieve his or her fullest potential.

When I first started working at Harrison’s, I created a guide book for new hires. I would hand these out when people first started working so that they would know exactly what to do. 10 years later, that guide book is still being used to show new employees the ropes.

I also implemented new security measures at Harrison’s, including installing security cameras and maintaining a log of everyone who owned a key to the store. Before I came on, the company would lose an average of $2,000 annually in stolen merchandise. After I started working, that average went down to $150 a year. In fact, in 2013, there was not a single instance of stolen goods.

I believe I have the experience and personality that would make me a great fit for Prince’s Home Goods. I welcome any chance to meet with you face-to-face to discuss my skills further. Thank you for taking the time to read through my application.

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What to Include in a Department Manager Cover Letter

This free department manager cover letter sample avoided a lot of common errors that you need to avoid in your own cover letter. For example, you should never go over one page, talk about your entire employment history, or get too silly. A big mistake a lot of job seekers make is not submitting a cover letter at all, which can put you at a serious disadvantage. Finally, you should never send in a cover letter that basically has all the same information as your resume without adding anything substantially different.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

An easy way to really make a cover letter stand out in a hiring manager’s mind is to include valuable skills you possess and that would be beneficial to the job you want. Here are a few you could add to the free department manager cover letter sample given.

● Leadership: Employees look up to managers, so you need to be capable of leading a team to success.
● Customer service: Just like your employees, you will be interacting with your clientele daily, so you need to be personable and helpful.
● Communication: You need to convey information clearly to everyone so that nothing gets forgotten during the day.
● Analytical mindset: To grow the business, you need to be capable of observing trends and analyzing data.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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