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Salon Manager Cover Letter Example

Job Description

A salon manager must be not just familiar with, but knowledgeable about the beauty industry and with styles, techniques and services to stay up-to-date with industry norms and other local salons. The salon manager is responsible for profitability of the salon, tracking both new and return customer visits, and scheduling of staff including stylists, receptionists and assistants.In addition, the salon manager hires and trains new staff, and steps in when necessary for successful resolution of customer complaints and insuring customer satisfaction. Payroll oversight is critical. Payroll can involve any combination of hourly pay, service commission and retail commission, the accuracy of which is the salon manager’s responsibility. He/she is also responsible for the smooth operation of the reception area including accuracy of cash management and paperwork, and authorization for petty cash expenditures.

Education & Training

The minimum education requirement is a high school diploma in addition to passing a state test. Some high-end salons prefer additional course study in business or a bachelor’s degree in a business related field of study. Most states require completion of a state-approved cosmetology program. Advancement from the ÒfloorÓ is often possible because the certification and experience is already proven.

Salary Range

Salon manager salaries vary depending on location, size of the salon, and the experience of the candidate. The salary range nationally is 30,000 to 46,000 dollars, with a median salary of 36,552 dollars. Depending on the source, these salary estimates vary slightly, with some stating the average salary as high as 42,000 dollars.

Writing Your Cover Letter

As you prepare your cover letter to apply for a salon manager position, keep in mind the many responsibilities that go along with the position, and highlight your experience in those areas. The sample cover letter below should assist you in presenting yourself as the ideal candidate. Make sure your state certification is up-to-date and indicate any continuing education you’ve completed. Experience in any salon position, beginning with receptionist, will show that you have a well-rounded perspective of the industry and an understanding of the issues a salon manager will have to face.

Salon Manager Cover Letter Sample